I clearly love blogging, and I love writing, and over time have had a total of 7 (some were very short-lived, and some were for particular workshops/presentations I was giving to groups).  When I first joined TFA a friend of mine set one up for me to keep (this ended up being very short lived).  While I was teaching I had my classroom blog (for my students), and my professional blog (for other teachers).  Post-teaching I started Rate Your World, and created several other professional blogs to teach other teachers about blogging.  Now, this Christmas, I’ve finally started a food blog.

Exciting, yes.  I’ve followed food blogs for quite some time, and as I used to teach my students there’s no way to get as involved in blogging, and to reap all the benefits, as if you’re actually a part of the community.

However, it’s also time consuming.  Trying to update two blogs once a day has wound up taking me about 1-2 hours (especially uploading higher quality pictures… I’m working on that one).  I’m sure I’ll get better at it, and I’m researching tools that will help me update in a different setting, but for right now I wonder how sustainable this will be…


After getting up early to drive Amy to school, I came back and decided I had a little cush in today’s schedule and could afford to hop back in bed.  What a wonderful/horrible decision.  Wonderful for obvious reasons (and who doesn’t deserve a morning off?), horrible for the amount of guilt I felt about the things I could be doing.  For example…


I can still barely walk around without breaking anything (it’s mostly clothes at this point) but overall there’s no excuse.  I came home, failed to unpack my clothes, and instead let them explode all over my room.  I then focused my energies on unpacking/cleaning the rest of the house.

It’s on the Google Calendar for this weekend, INCLUDING cleaning out all old clothes from my closet.  Believe it or not, I’m pumped!

Now I’m off to O2, a local gym I’m trying out for the week, to make an attempt at my first spinning class!  Keep an eye out for the ratings…

Until next time, just living for the tens!



  1. Molly from the glass painting night is having a clothing/houseware swap on Sunday at 2pm if you find you’d like to get rid of the items. She’s in Carrboro. Good luck!

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