Live and Learn…

Hambones are NOT a good idea for my dogs.  Actually, Murph’s iron stomach handled them just fine.  Dakota on the other hand did not.

I don’t normally buy anything from a four-legged animal (since I don’t eat it either), but these were a gift and who was I to deprive the dogs when it was already purchased.

I gave them each one, and Dakota finished his completely in about 30 minutes.  Murph worked away on his and actually left a little bit (shocker!).

They finished right as it was time for bed, and I woke up about an hour later to hear Dakota puking ham bone all over the floor.  I immediately went to clean it up and nearly threw up myself.

About a half hour later I was woken up by a screaming match in the apartment below me.  Awesome.

Another hour or two and I woke up to Dakota licking up yet another pile of puke.  Awesome.

Then right before I had to get up I woke up to Murphy peeing in the corner of my room.


I am PRAYING that I get to sleep the whole night tonight.

Good news is, this is what happens to the dogs when they don’t sleep all night:

They sleep all day!

I decided it might be time to take Kota to the vet… just for a check-up since he’s a bit older, and we haven’t been since last year.  Plus, it couldn’t hurt to check on the hambone incident…


Bansfield is the vet in every Petsmart, who I used to love.  They offered ‘Wellness Hours’ three times a week, two hours a pop, where you can bring your pet in for free.  If they had to do anything they charged you for that, but the office visit was free.  This I LOVED, and I would only go there (despite some reservations about how much they would push tons of medicines/ tests just to make more money).

Now that they don’t have Wellness Hours, I’m left with a sketchy vet I don’t trust who literally tries to push EVERYTHING on me.  That in addition to Dakota’s nervousness around all the other dogs led to an overall unpleasant experience.

+ 1because I’m getting smarter and had no problem standing up to the vet and explaining why I wasn’t falling for what he suggested.  I left proud of myself 🙂

+ another 1- it took so long for them to see us the woman at the desk gave me 50% off.  SCORE!

Lastly, +1 for Dakota being healthy, and an estimated 8 years old!!! (despite some other’s guesses at above 10…)

Tonight it’s time for Candlelight Yoga!!!  I’ll see if I can sneak in a picture…



  1. I absolutely abhor Banfield… and the idea of bringing sick dogs in a public place, where you bring your pets just is a BAD idea. I walked in to get some prescription food for a friend once to the BC petsmart. As soon as I walked by the registers, I smelled it… If you have ever smelled Parvo, you will never forget it. There is a metallic death smell, mixed with feces. And this poor pup had BARELY made it into the exam room before his bowels let loose. Add that to the idiots that bring their unvaccinated pups INTO petsmart bc they are so cute and couldn’t possibly contract any communicable diseases with NO shots. Not to mention the fact that Petsmart holds classes for puppies 8+ weeks (only first round of shots req’d) in a place that doesn’t demand that all visiting animals be vaccinated…
    Good for you for sticking your ground on all the ridiculous tests and stuff. If you are looking for an awesome vet.. I had been vetless until this stuff with B this summer. I was recommended Crossroads in Cary (right off ex 293 off 40). I was absolutely 500% blown away by their compassion, kindness, and competence. And they totally understood the financial lines I drew and were really respectful. After moving 20+ min away, I will still make that drive for my other 2. Highly Highly Highly recommend it!!

  2. Okay, the ham bone pic of Murphy is priceless. Sorry to hear about all the after-effects! I also have to chime in about the vet. I have a WONDERFUL vet here in Concord, but I never really appreciated how great the doctor and staff were until all of this stuff going on with Cali recently. I know vets are expensive, but I HIGHLY suggest finding one you like, trust and can talk to. Also, I know your budget is tight right now, but have you given any thought to pet insurance while the pups are still healthy? The last time I looked it was pretty affordable and I wish I would have done it BEFORE Cali had all her issues. It doesn’t always cover everything, but I think it can save money down the road. Just a thought. Maybe some of your “followers” can put in their two cents about it.

  3. Janice – I’m with Kim: the picture of Murph with the ham bone is priceless. And, the way you wrote the description of the night had me rolling with laughter. Knowing how much it had to suck to clean it up. And, give some cheap shaving cream a try on the stains..I’ve used it in my car, but haven’t on carpet, my sister swears by it.

    I went with Preston to my first vet ever: – Dr. Melanie was sweet, caring, and kind with me and with Preston. The vet tech was super calm and loving with him, too. She didn’t try to sell me with extra stuff – just the heartworm med. She informed me of the tick/flea stuff, but didn’t push purchasing. Amber has been going to her for years with all of her dogs and loves her. I can get you in touch with Amber about pet insurance, too – she swears by it after some recent large bill procedures.

    1. YES! On both accounts 🙂

      That vet’s close by so I’m gonna check it out, and am definitely wanting to get pet insurance for Dakota, just need some more info.


  4. I’ve taken my animals to Carver Street for over 20 years, love them. Dick Hawkins is also an amazing vet.

    Those of you who have pet insurance, are there different companies? Which are good?

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