My First Spinning Class


First of all, I expected it to look like this:

It did not.  Unfortunately there were no colorful, crazy lights, or serious techno music.  Have I mentioned before how much I love techno music?  And how it’s responsible for two of my three speeding tickets?  So I was pumped about an opportunity to use it for good rather than evil.

Instead I found a rather small room with about 30 bikes, one posed up front for the instructor, and just dim regular lighting.  The music was loud, which I loved, and had a fast beat, which I also loved, but not the kind of techno music I’m into (-1).

PLUS, I found out afterwards from Paul that apparently some places have big screens behind the instructor with pictures of mountains and landscape to make it feel more real.  That would have been AWESOME. ( -1)

Now on to the actual workout…

At first I thought I was tough cause I was totally hanging, but about halfway through the 30 minute class I started to drag.  I liked that you could control your own resistance, but I chose the bike right in front of the instructor (-1) so I felt like she was watching me everytime she said (or yelled really) ‘TURN IT UP!’.  So I had to turn it up.

And then I nearly died. (-1)

Luckily, I survived.  And found out at the end that in a 45 minute class (the normal length) people burn on average 800-900 calories.  1300 (on average) in an hour class.

So, I think I’ll give it another go cause I did feel pretty good after I got off the bike and stopped beating up my legs.



  1. I say again, $39 for this place with classes included seems like a deal. Oh, I can’t believe you didn’t mention anything about your butt hurting…you must have buns of steel!

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