Bargain Shopping…

turns out to not always be much of a bargain.


After the framily dinner I stopped at Harris Teeter as I heard about an awesome shrimp sale they’re having and wanted to check it out.  Word on the street is that it was Buy 1 Get 2 Free.  WHAT?!?!  Never heard of such a thing but already liking it.  Anytime I get more for free than I actually had to pay for, I’m a happy camper.

Well, that is until I find out the one bag of shrimp is $25.98!!!  Seriously???  I realize I’m a bit of a novice shopper (unlike all those moms who know exactly how much everything is at which stores, which coupons will save you the most money, which fruits are in season and therefore the cheapest, etc.), I know that I don’t want to drop $25.98 on a bag of frozen shrimp.

Needless to say I skipped the shrimpies.

So then I decided as long as I was there I’d look at their other sales.  And spotted this one:

SCORE!  I eat chicken all the time, but have been out since break.  Went to find them… and couldn’t 😦  They were all gone.

So there I was, empty-handed, completely striking out at this week’s Harris Teeter sales.

HOWEVER, +2 because I discovered the awesome sales that are possible there.  I always viewed them as the expensive grocery store so never check them out, but now I know they sometimes have some killer deals.  Will get there earlier in the week next time 🙂



  1. I have some shrimp in my freezer that you can have. I no longer eat them. (long story, ask heather.)
    I’ll bring em to climbing tuesday if you want them…

  2. when Harris Teeter has a deal like that and they’re out of something, you just have to go to the customer service desk and they’ll give you a raincheck to get the stuff at the same price when it comes back in stock. Richard met someone who goes to Harris Teeter every tues night (the day their sales end) just to get the rainchecks.

  3. Does the $8.60/bag after the sale compare to Costco’s usual prices? I haven’t checked their prices as I’m not a member…but when HT does this sale, it’s the only time I buy shrimp. Never would I pay $25 for a bag of shrimp either! Cheapskate, bargain hunter, coupon clipper…all names I’ve heard whispered behind my back at the grocery store. 😉

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