Murphy’s New Coat


Of the many goodies Laura and Snooky were giving away yesterday, a new parka for Murph was one of them!  Totally excited by it mostly because of the hood.  Animals in hoods (as a rule) are HILARIOUS.  Plus, super cute 🙂

A little nervous, however about the size.  Murph is known for his large rib cage (he’s big-boned, NOT fat), and I’m the worst judge of size by looking at clothes.

So as soon as we got home we put it on him.

The hood was as entertaining as expected.  -1 because it wouldn’t stay over his head for more than 30 seconds, taking away some of the entertainment.

Unfortunately the width was a bit tight, and it was a squeeze to get his second leg in (-1).  Once I did, he could walk, but whenever stopped he’d have that leg up in the air because it was pulling so tight.  The good news was, it didn’t matter that we couldn’t velcro it since the tightness kept it right on.


Eventually we took the jacket off, but we weren’t done messing with him (he hasn’t exactly been the best behaved dog over the past week).  His favorite toy is a Beanie Baby I got earlier this year that’s pink and has a breast cancer ribbon embroidered on it.  I don’t know if it’s the size, or the beanies, that make it so appealing, but of all my stuffed animals he tries to steal, this one is his favorite.  I’m almost tempted to say he gets more excited about it than food, which is saying a LOT.

So, when he got into it again, I balanced it on his nose using the ‘Wait’ command (which tells him he’ll eventually get it as soon as I say go), knowing I wasn’t going to let him have it.  Made for some funny pictures though…

-1 because it’s probably not the nicest thing to do… and sometimes I feel a little bad about that.


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