O2 BodyFlow


Last night I had the best experience yet at O2 (the gym I’ve been trying out for the week).  I got a 7-day trial pass when I went in to check it out and get prices, and have used it 6 out of the 7 days in order to try out some of their large numbers of classes.  I’ve done a lot of yoga (all with different instructors to get a feel for each) as well as a spinning class and now BodyFlow.

I wasn’t exactly sure what it was going in, but it’s basically faster yoga plus awesome (and loud) music.  I love yoga for the poses and stretching, but since I’m not a particularly slow or quiet person, sometimes am stressed out by how slow it moves and how quiet the room is (that being said, sometimes I really enjoy those aspects).

So last night’s class was AWESOME!  The instructor was hands down the best I’ve had so far, with a ton of energy and incredibly positive (plus great taste in music).  I also loved how encouraging she was (sometimes you need that when it’s hard).

So the class started with Tai Chi (which I really liked) and each track was a different theme.  One was abs, one was sun salutations, one was back strengthening, one balancing, etc.  It was nice to know when doing the really hard ones you only had a song’s worth.  Worked my body like WHOAH, but also incorporated yoga poses and stretching which I loved.

Overall GREAT experience.

-.5 for my smelly feet.  I wore my sneakers in without socks (something I do way too frequently when I’m going to yoga and know I’m taking them all off) and some of the poses put me a bit too close to them…)

-.5- at the end when we did meditation for about 5 minutes she gave us the option of putting on more clothes (which they usually do) but I didn’t want to get up so passed.  But it got really cold during the last 3-4 minutes messing with my mediation.

*NOTE: none of the points I took off had anything to do with Lorraine (the instructor) or O2, so I’m pretty positive this has awesome potential for a 10 next time 🙂



  1. I just got a 7 day pass there in the mail and one for a friend so Richard and i plan on picking a week to try it out. I totally want to take this class now.

    1. Yay! I’m seriously considering joining, so if I go for it we should definitely meet up and do a class or two together.

      And if YOU end up joining, you should tell them you heard about it on my blog 🙂 It’ll get me a free month (two if you both join!). Everything helps when you’re a poor student!

      1. Per month it’s $44 (which includes unlimited out-of-town guest passes, and 1 in-town guest pass per person per month- unlimited people) with a $5 student discount (which might not apply for you…).

        The sign-up fee is $25, but only $1 if you sign up for a year. Not sure about cash…

        Also comes with unlimited classes, which is a huge plus for me. They’re fun 🙂 You should come try one out!

      2. Thanks for the info, we will keep that in mind.

        I think we are going to do the 14 day free trial of Golds Gym, then we may follow that by the 7 day trial at O2.

        Golds looks pretty cool, they have a lot of classes, exercise equip., plus sauna, whirlpool, pool, racquetball, and basketball.

        We will let you know what the prices are at Golds. You should do the 14 day free trial with us…

      3. WHOAH! I’ve been hunting for a gym with a pool (due to my new obsession with water aerobics) and haven’t found one nearby.

        I’d love to check this one out. I’m guessing I’ll have to go over there to get the 14 day trial-pass. Did you get it there or in the mail???

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