The Bachelor: Week 2

While a day delayed (I couldn’t turn down BodyFlow last night with Laura and Scott), I definitely made it a priority this evening.  And before I begin with the ratings, I’d like to take a second and offer my opinion on Jake, based off his choices so far.

I’m pretty sure he was the nerdy kid in high school (and very possibly college) who always wanted to date the hot popular girls, but they never wanted to date him.  Now that they have to date him, he’s never going to let them leave (until they cheat on him, apparently).  Basically it appears to me he’s picking the wrong girls for the wrong reasons.  That’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

Now on to the ratings…


I’ve chosen my favorite and let me declare, on the record (as clearly Rate Your World is THE official record), that I think Allie is the one.

Jake’s one-on-one this week was with her, and not only is she adorable and fun, but also (as far as I can tell) the most real of them all.  She really seems to have her act together, and I pretty much think we’d be friends.


*SPOILER ALERT*  If you haven’t watched this week’s episode and are going to, you should probably skip ahead this rating (although let’s be honest, they were pretty much giving it away on all the teasers).

The much hyped drama was a bit overplayed.  While definitely scandalous, we didn’t get any juicy details so it was rather boring when it actually played out.

Turns out one of the girls in the house, Roslyn (?), a model and competitive brat, had been having a ‘sexual relationship’ with one of The Bachelor staffers.

Now that I think about it, I’m kind of surprised this hasn’t happened before…

Either way, my favorite part was…


For those who don’t know, Chris Harrison is the host of the Bachelor.  He’s been on since Season 1, and while at first appearing to be stiff and lifeless, he’s actually grown on me over the years.  Perhaps it’s the fact that he started a blog about two seasons ago, and we actually got to see he is a real person.

Anyways, it appears all the drama came up literally that night, and he had to handle it on the spot.

As a result, he was SO PC, and incredibly awkward.  You’d think he was the one having an affair with a staffer.

She was smart, and remained almost completely silent on the point.  It was clear the allegations were true, but she avoided any kind of engagement in a discussion about it.

So gone she is.


It might lead to some drama, so +1, but I’m pretty sure I won’t care because I’ll be so annoyed with her by that point.  Cut the drama.  You barely know the guy.

That’s all for this week friends!  Another week until we see Allie get a bit closer to her 10 🙂



  1. Ha ha! I loved this. Carla persuaded me to watch it last night, and while I have some overall grumbles about the show, I found it hilarious that your commentary virtually echoed our thoughts! Clearly, brilliant minds do think alike!

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