The Bachelor: Episode 3

I’m going to refrain from commenting on the fact that I haven’t updated since last week’s Bachelor…  so on to the ratings!

I’ll admit I missed the first 45 minutes (which I will promptly catch up on tomorrow when it’s posted online), so this rating is solely based on what I saw from 8:45 on.

True to the rules, I will not be rating people.  Only their actions 🙂


I think generally she knows what’s happening around her, however when it comes to Jake and the other girls in the house, she seems a bit confused.  While she’s said more times than anyone else that she’s here for the ‘right reasons’ and to ‘make Jake her husband’, she’s threatened to leave twice.  Seriously?


‘Don’t kiss me until you know I’m the one.’

‘But do you want to kiss me?’

‘How about now?’

‘Boy, don’t you wish you could kiss me?’

Girl, if you think that not letting him kiss you is enough to win you an engagement ring, you and Michelle need to become friends.  He’s got plenty of other women willing to kiss him, and I think he’s catching onto your game.

And, you’re gone.  Guessing she might revisit her tactics in the future.


Thank god Jake got his act together and called Elizabeth out on her games.  He told her exactly what I was thinking.  THANK GOD.  I take back what I said last week, as it appears he is willing to stand up to some of the women.

He also called Michelle on her bluff and asked her to leave.  He’s turning out to be a lot more honest than other Bachelors, which is both a surprise and a relief.

Still missing some other obvious things, however.


Sweet that Jake flew in her son for her birthday (hmmm… that’s never been done before… see Jason’s season).  But was it necessary to bring spare clothes and change throughout the date?  And how did she pack them?  I didn’t see her bring a large bag with her on the helicopter… makes me begin to question the ‘reality’ of it (shhh… DON’T tell my dad.  He’s been trying to convince me of this for years).

That being said, both outfits were super cute 🙂


He looks tough, but I’m worried.  From the parts I watched, I heard him say multiple times, on multiple different days, ‘I’m just ready for this day to be over’, or ‘This has just taken a lot out of me’.

Then during the rose-ceremony intro he was super dramatic and addressed the two girls (as of now unnamed) who wouldn’t be receiving a rose and said that ‘thinking of his future wife is the only thing that’ll get him through this rose ceremony’.

Buddy, we’re in Week 3.  You’ve got a LONG way to go, with a lot more dramatic, long and emotionally draining rose ceremonies.

I wish you the best of luck, but you’re gonna have to toughen up.

Until next week, just living for the tens!



  1. Totally agree about Elizabeth’s teasing. She was TOTALLY sending mixed signals. This season is shaping up to be the biggest train wreck of them all…painful (yet addicting) to watch.

  2. Did the previews show that one girl telling him that she was prego?? That didn;t happen tonight did it? or maybe i missed it? but he ended up picking her for a rose??

    1. Hmmm… this is interesting. As far as I know no one’s pregnant, but now I’m going to start doing some research. Thanks for the lead!

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