Cookies and Tanning Lotion


For those who’ve never tried them, you’re missing out.  In college we had a Subway on campus, which I frequently visited.  On special occasions I would purchase a cookie J  Soft, flavorful and DELICIOUS.  Plus, they have chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar, peanut butter (with nuts) and white chocolate macadamia nut.

-1 I’m pretty sure they’re LOADED up with butter which makes them so soft, which means I can’t eat them every day.


While this may look like normal lotion, it is not.  Purchased a couple years back to add a bit of summer glow in the bleak days of winter, it’s applied like normal lotion but slowly adds a bit of color.  A tanning lotion lite if you will.

When I saw Scott applying it to his hands the other day I quickly stopped him and explained he should use another lotion because this one has tanning chemicals in it.  He paused, and responded ‘That explains a lot…’

HILARIOUS.  This moment has made me laugh many times so far this week.

-1 because it’s sad his hands were discolored for a little.  I’m pretty sure no one noticed it but him though…


When in New York city with my students several years ago, we made a stop at the Build-a-Bear store (per their request- boys and girls both).  As my only souvenir from that trip I built a bear, as we were given little Teach For America bear t-shirts when visiting the National Office (apparently Build-a-Bear is a big supporter).  It clearly needed a bear to go with it 🙂

Murph has been trying to get at this guy ever since.  I have to keep him up high on shelves, hidden away in the closet, and basically any place Murph can’t get to him.  This week I found him again with Teefa.  Since he was just sucking and not chewing (a habit he’s had since I got him at 5 weeks) I decided to let him keep it.  Look how cute he is…

I have mixed feelings on this one, hence the 5. He’s so cute, and it clearly makes him really happy, but it is my only souvenir from NYC, and when he sucks on it it gets gross 😦



  1. You make poor Murph wear ridiculous outfits and moved Dakota in without asking! The least you can do is let him suck on a bear. 🙂

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