Go Pack!


What more could you ask for then a win?  Oh, I don’t know, maybe a 14 point win?  And to win against Duke on the same day that Carolina suffers yet another loss.  Oh how I love being a Wolfpack fan right about now 🙂  Gotta take it while we can…

I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT TUESDAY!  (For those who don’t follow ACC basketball, that’s when State will be kicking Carolina’s butt…)


Some may recall my lack of knowledge about NC State’s campus (see here if you don’t).  HOWEVER, tonight after leaving my class, as I was walking across campus to my car, a man stopped me and asked where Riddick Hall was.  It just so happens I have a class in Riddick Hall this semester, and was able to orient myself enough at that moment to point it out.  He looked at me with a huge, relieved smile (he had a map in his hand and it was pouring rain), and I looked back at him with a gigantic, proud smile, excited that I’m finally getting to know my campus 🙂

Picture taken while giving my parents a tour back in September.

Just loving me a little NC State right about now 🙂


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