The Big Move!

Today was the big day when Snooky and Laura moved from their house on Hillsborough Street to their new place on Fidelity!  Only about a mile away, it made the move go pretty smoothly.  Plus, I must say, there was an incredible combination of Company members involved (why is it that I always seem to miss pictures of people???)


Quick, efficient, nice people, and free lunch!  What more could you ask for?  Unfortunately Laura hurt her finger so I have to take a point off, but luckily it didn’t result in any lost time.


During one of the trips I pulled up excited to see an open spot right up front.  This way I could back in and make unloading the car a bit easier. However, as I got closer I realized Snooky had parked his truck perfectly on top of the line in between the two spaces.  Meaning there was no empty space to park in 😦

+1: While he was out beyond the space a bit, cars could still drive by.

+1: Total pity point.  It was a big day and all.


Prior to the big move there was a moving sale, which I decided to check out Friday night (to get the best deals, of course).  Some awesome wins:

  • my favorite mulled cider scented candles
  • a baton (score!)
  • a French toast brander
  • a Michael Jackson hat
  • and MORE!

-1: Not finding the perfect black dresser I’ve been hunting down on Craigs List…

Not sure we actually went home with this one, but it should give some credibility to the fact that moving people can actually be fun 🙂


It was great to celebrate by grabbing some delicious Torero’s with some great people afterwards.  I thought I was avoiding the classic Mexican food coma by ordering a salad, until it came out looking like this.

And then I tasted it.

And it was INCREDIBLE.  Seriously, not only the best ‘salad’ ever, but also one of the best meals I’ve ever gotten there.  I LOVED IT.

-1: Coupon mixup.  Our waitress didn’t discount us properly, meaning I had to feel like a pain and ask them to redo it, and then it still came out wrong.  At which point I gave up.

-1: Still managed to leave feeling horribly full and am still attempting to recover as I type.

All in all a pretty fabulous day 🙂


One comment

  1. I can’t thank you and Scott enough for joining in yesterday and for dinner last night! It is truly so wonderful to have you in our lives. Thanks, my friend!
    LOVE the pictures attached to this posting – absolutely classic of Snooky and of Scott. I’ve laughed out loud the three times I’ve looked at them! 🙂

    Also – I have a book that accompanies the Tai Chi video…do you want it?
    And, I came across the pyrex lid to your mac n cheese dish…and I’ve been adding more things to the give away boxes… 😉

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