The Bachelor: Week 4

Another Monday, another riveting episode of the Bachelor.  While not ‘the most dramatic rose ceremony ever’, Jake is definitely not playing by the rules.  At the rate he’s going, he’ll be engaged by next week, married the following, and popping out babies by ‘After the Final Rose’.  Stay tuned!

Now on to the ratings…


Has anyone else noticed his somewhat ridiculous strut he’s always working?  Any time the girls are approaching he struts up, then positions himself with both legs a little too wide and strikes a pose.

Again, reinforces my theory about his former coolness (or lack thereof), which created a need to invent a strut for the purposes of this show to make himself feel a bit more badass.

He needs a better strut coach is all I’m saying.


Again, I like his honesty.  During their one-on-one time he addresses the weird/obnoxious behavior she frequently displays around the other girls (hence why they hate her), and warns her about fixing it.  Most would ignore the difficult conversation, but he dove right in.

-1 because he still gave her a rose.


Kathryn?  Kathryn who?  How do we have no idea who this women was until tonight?

Ah ha.  Now I remember.  The girl with the fake wedding ring. No surprise she ended up gone.  Especially when the very little alone time she had with him she spent complaining about how little alone time she has with him.

As for Ella, I feel a little bad for her.  He basically tells her she’s perfect but has no good reason for getting rid of her.  At least she exited gracefully instead of trying to convince him he was trying to make a mistake… you know who you are.

+2 for the drama and the suspense.

+1 for the conversation with Jill and Stallings throughout the date debating who was going to go.  Stallings gets a 10 for her prediction.


LOVED it.  Pretty blue color, appeared to have a hood, and was cut in a total Flashdance way.  Reminds me of something I may or may not own and wear far too often


I find it interesting that Jake goes on and on about how difficult rose ceremonies are, this one included, and then constantly is removing roses and cutting more women than necessary.  He says he doesn’t like hurting them, but then continues to eliminate people who don’t need to be eliminated (yet) and keeping those who desperately do (VIENNA!).

+2 because I do genuinely appreciate his honesty with the women.


Well done videographers.  If you turned it off after ‘Next Week’s Teaser’, you missed out.  Somehow they managed to catch a bunch of raccoons hanging out around the girl’s firepit, waiting for them to leave some scraps.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out they’re an easy target…

First there was one in a tree, then three poking out around the edge watching the girls, then one down on the ground right behind a girl’s head.  The guy filming clearly saw it, and focused on that while you see this girl yawning in the foreground.  HILARIOUS.




  1. WHAT is he THINKING!? Vienna?? Seriously??
    If I were one of the girls on the show I would seriously have to reconsider his ability to see through BS… Watch her be one of the final two!

  2. Thanks for the 10 Smith!

    I can’t believe Vienna is still there? WHAT is up with that?

    This, by far, is the most dramatic bachelor ever.

  3. If you keep writing posts about The Bachelor, I will have no choice but to stop reading your blog! If it’s that important, start a separate blog so those of us who like your regular postings don’t have to sift through that stuff.
    By the way….those raccoons were trained and very highly paid to sit on that fence and look cute.
    I am not a cynic!!!

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