Mangoes and Annual Reports


Being allowed to focus on my studies full-time has its definite advantages.  Aside from the three nights a week I have to show up for class (one is online), the schedule is pretty much up to me.  All my part-time work is also flexible, so calendaring my days is totally under my control.

Disadvantages include lack of human contact (-1), as I spend almost my entire day in my apt. or at my ‘office’ (Panera) reading, writing, watching video, editing a book or blogging.  When I go to the gym I’m surrounded by people, but don’t know many of them so it’s still a bit lonely.

While I love all the work, balancing all of it mentally has proven to be the biggest challenge.  My action plan is my best friend, and I swear I spend at least 30 minutes a day writing down assignments, looking at them, calendaring them, and planning ahead to make sure I don’t drop the ball on any.  Instead of having one main job to focus on, I have four classes’ worth of assignments/reading, and four part-time jobs.  My brain is tired 😦

Plus, it doesn’t pay.  -1

HOWEVER, one huge advantage is doing my work in bed surrounded by two adorable puppies 🙂

And of course the whole ‘thinking, talking and writing about something I love’ thing.  That helps too and pushes it up to a 7 🙂


While at Barnes and Noble today doing a little shopping, I spotted this while waiting in line to check out.

If you’re able to zoom or enlarge the picture, you’ll see what made me take this picture.  While innocently enough browsing a bookshelf while waiting in line with her dad, she’s about to be in for a big surprise.  The books right in front of her face include ‘The Kama Sutra’ and ‘The Book of Sex’.  I’m not sure if her father didn’t notice or didn’t care, but I just laughed (in my head of course) and creepily took pictures.  One of the advantages of the camera on the iPhone is that no one knows you’re taking a picture…


I LOVE mango.  Who knew they were so good?  I discovered them a couple months ago and love the sweet fruity flavor, and the soft texture.  I don’t love, however, cutting them apart.  I have to use a giant knife to gently peel away the outside (trying to take off as little of the good edible stuff along with it), and then when you get down to the ‘pit’ you have to try and get the rest of the good stuff of it’s rather weird shape.

Totally worth it, however.

-1: the risk of losing a finger

-1: Kroger didn’t have them in organic (a new push I’m making in the New Year)

dy/dan’s ‘2009 Annual Report‘: 10!

dy/dan is a blog created by a math teacher, who does an awesome job thinking and writing about teaching, as well as sharing awesome math practices and just cool thinking in general.  I’ve been following it for awhile, and recommend it in most of my teacher blogging workshops.

However, I missed this post until another teacher pointed it out to me, noting the similarities between his ‘2009 Annual Report‘ and my blog.

For those who know me well, or just follow this blog, know, I LOVE data and numbers.  This has been a big part of several of my jobs, and a HUGE tool in my classroom.  I think using data and numeric evidence is an incredible way to analyze situations and identify both positive trends and room for growth.

SO, I think Dan’s idea of turning his entire year into numbers, so he’s able to genuinely reflect and improve in the following year, is BRILLIANT.  I now want to do this in my life in a huge way.  However, I’ve missed a month already, and I don’t know that I have a system prepared (yet) to actually collect authentic data.  I think I’ll spend this year figuring out what data I want to collect, how I’m going to record it and build it into a routine, and start next year.

Until then, I’ll continue living vicariously through Dan 🙂



  1. I totally know the “surround by people but lonely” feeling. It used to drive me crazy at Ohio State…I might have a lecture with 200 people, but I don’t really know them. I’d have the same feeling at the gym, on the bus, at work, etc…so at the end of the day, I’d go home to my apartment without having a real conversation with a human being. Maybe thats why I was so nice to check out clerks that year. At least with teaching, I have significant human contact every day…although some days, that contact is mostly “TAYSHAWN!! WHAT IS OUR CLASS RULE ABOUT TALKING? STOP IT! PUT THAT DOWN!!!”

  2. ooh someday i’ll have to teach you the trick i learned to cutting mangos as i LOVE them too. My friend who lived in Africa for a while showed me a trick:)

      1. I imagine I may know Lisa’s trick, too -my LOVE of fresh mangoes went over the top while in Mexico as they were in season and just freakin’ awesome – I had to find a way to make them more accessible.
        Check out:
        (after this process, I typically suck all of the pulp off of the seed, leaving threads of pulp in between my teeth…totally worth it. 🙂

        Trader Joe’s has some dried mango slices that are pretty good, too…just not juicy.

  3. So cool the internet really does have everything, that is indeed my trick Laura, thanks! And yeah i totally suck all the pulp off the seed too, totally worth it!

    1. So funny that you both mentioned that because yesterday when I was done cutting I realized there was still too much good stuff left to let it go to waste. Rather than risk it with the knife I just sucked it right off 🙂 DELICIOUS.

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