On the way home from the airport we stopped by Trader Joe’s to pick up some last minute Superbowl snack foods before everyone came over.  That’s when I saw this…


What a good idea! Recently I’ve noticed in stores everywhere that it’s near impossible to find someone to help you out.  I’ve found myself actually googling on my phone ‘where do I find wheat germ?’ rather than try and find someone to help me out.  It’s just not worth it.

That’s why this is so brilliant.  Even though I only saw one of them wandering around, you knew exactly where she was, and it seemed she was eager to help.  Unlike recent experiences I’ve had at the grocery store… ‘Muesli?  Don’t know what that is.  Good luck.’  Really?  That’s it?  Good luck?  Oh boy.

From there we decided to grab lunch on the way home.


Had never heard of this place before, but the idea of a soup/salad buffet sounded brilliant.  Lots and LOTS of salad toppings, about 8 soup choices (including shrimp bisque and an incredible cauliflower soup!), several pasta dishes, AND dessert for only $8.95.  Not bad!

-1: No hummus for the salad.

-1: My inability to control portions, inevitably overflowing my plate and spilling all over the table.

-1: That horribly full feeling I left with.


Didn’t really need it (-1), but when I saw they had rainbow sprinkles I had to get something to put them on (it turns out eating sprinkles with a spoon leads to a rather weird film all over the inside of your mouth).  Added a couple scoops of oreo and was good to go!

Despite the face, Scott wasn’t as big a fan of the ice cream as I was.  That just meant I got to eat the sprinkles off his 🙂

Finally it was time for the big game 🙂

The party was at Scott’s in Wake Forest, and about 15-20 people came out which was awesome.  And really good people which made it even more awesome 🙂

Homemade pizzas, LOTs of snack foods, and a pretty good game.


It’s official, my guac has now won an award 🙂  What was Bill thinking challenging me?  Jay’s lucky he bowed out at the last minute.

I give Claud credit for the pretty decorating 🙂


I guess the quarterback was good and all, but seriously, I think the game should have gone to the kicker.  3 over 40 yards, and then several touchdown kicks (yes, I know my lingo is spot on), I’m convinced they wouldn’t have won without him.  He kept ’em in the first half.  Way too cliche to just give it to the quarterback.  WAY too cliche.

All in all a pretty fabulous night 🙂



  1. GOOGLING where to find wheat germ? I believe the actual course of action was to call MOM. I don’t mind being called, but I DO want credit for knowing where wheat germ was in the grocery store! (It is only one of many items I have been asked to locate, not all in a grocery store either).

  2. The only reason New Orleans won was because Buffalo didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year…..oh wait, they haven’t made it past the regular season for the last 17 years! Man, how time flies.
    Go Saints!!! Actually I won a 6 pack of ginger ale from Ned on this game! How cool is that?

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