The Bachelor: Week 6

I realize this is a day late, and by my blog stat keeper I can tell folks were hoping to find it yesterday.  It’s been a slower transition from back from NYC this time around, as I have a lot of work in the month of February.  That, and this Monday I baked some incredible V-day cookies while watching the Bachelor, and therefore couldn’t rate while watching.

Excuses aside, here are this week’s ratings.


About two weeks ago (thank you Scott) I discovered a spoiler blog called Reality Steve.  Apparently just a furniture salesmen from Texas (or something like that), some sources happened to fall in his lap and he began blogging about it.  These ‘sources’ are still unknown, but must be good as he made predictions at the beginning of the season that have all come true.  Each week he writes about who will be going home, how, and all other drama involved.

Of course there’s a part of me that wants to know these things, so I couldn’t resist reading. But now I already know who’s going to win, and before each episode I have a good idea as to what’s going to happen.  Kind of a bummer.

But do I keep watching?  Absolutely.  And I have no idea why.


I respect his desire to be polite and ask the parents, I really do.  But if this isn’t hard enough on all the women involved, don’t tease their parents.  You may not know yet, and there may be a possibility that you marry each of them, but when you ask their parents if you can marry their daughter, you’re giving them the idea that you’re going to propose.  This seems to me like a giant tease, and just doesn’t seem right.


So classic New York, and it kept me entertained throughout their entire visit.  Plus, it screams ‘don’t mess with me’, and I’m hoping that’ll convince him to keep her around and cut Vienna.  Now that I think about it, maybe it was more the ‘if I have to hunt you down and break both your legs’ comment than the accents…


It was a bit out of control.  Being emotional is okay.  I suppose this is a somewhat emotional situation.  But do you really want your entire family breaking down into tears the whole time Jake’s there?  You are, after all, trying to convince this man to pick you to spend the rest of his life with.  I’m not sure a life full of tears is that appealing…

That being said, I really liked her ballet dance.  I think she’s cute 🙂


Again, one of the reasons I like this girl is because she seems like a real person.  She has a real job (for Facebook no less), she’s not a supermodel, and she seems pretty down to earth.  There’s little drama (and who can blame her when it comes to Vienna), and she seems like a lot of fun.

So when this week she decided to leave the show in order to keep her job back in San Francisco, I don’t blame her one bit.  Yeah, she was probably falling for Jake, but let’s be honest, she can probably do better.  Not to mention, leaving like this could possibly earn her the next Bachelorette season (although for the record, I think she’s too young).

Overall while admittedly a tough choice, I like to see people acting normal on these shows and recognizing that having a job right about now is kind of a priority.  Especially if it’s one you like.


Until now I’ve only posted pictures of the individual girls from their intro photo shoot, but now that I’ve found a couple Bachelor review sites, I should be set on week-by-week photos.  LOVE IT!


I just think she’s adorable.  And when she strutted (maybe not the right word for Tenley as she doesn’t seem the type to strut) in to this week’s rose ceremony in this cute green dress, I have to admit I was even more impressed.  Especially compared to Vienna’s trashy tight purple dress.  Too harsh?  Maybe.  I’m just bitter she’s still here.

Until next week, just praying that Vienna finally leaves…



  1. Why is vienna still there? Come on now… I can’t believe how much he seems to be falling for her!

    I’m not sure what I think of Ali. I used to really like her, but I am thinking otherwise now. When you signed up for the show, you knew it would affect your work situation. Part of me feels like she was “playing” him some. After she left, i told my husband that she would reappear next week and low and behold, on the previews, she makes a phone call, at the least. Makes you wonder what else will happen next week. Tenley is growing on me, but I’m not sure if she is really ready for all of this since the divorce.

  2. As I have said before, I don’t watch this show but get a kick out of reading your reviews. BUT, reading that this guy asked three sets of parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage annoyed the crap out of me. Talk about a special moment being tainted by a stupid reality show! I laughed a little to myself because I could just see my dad saying “you don’t deserve my daughter, so no!” This show seems to be getting worse every time I read about it!

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