Adventures on Franklin St.

Last night after watching some brilliant Olympic events, Scott, Laura and I headed down to Kildare’s Irish Pub on Franklin Street to see Tripp, one of my favorite local bands.  Per usual, some interesting ratings came along with it…


I’m a little bit confused why you would hire a live band, and then continue blasting music on your speakers… +1 because the band played loud enough that once they started you couldn’t hear the other music.


This meant I got to watch Apolo’s finals race for his first medal this Olympics (which proved my point about the precariousness of speed skating once the 2nd and 3rd Korean skaters crashed meters before the finish, giving Apolo the silver)!  However, it also meant that half the people at the bar were facing TVs rather than socializing or paying attention to the band… not sure how I felt about that once Apolo was done.


When we first discovered Tripp last winter, one of our favorite parts was the awesome guitar player with the dreads.  Sadly, he has left the band and I no longer get to enjoy his impressive showmanship.  However, last night when Tripp took a break from playing, the guitar player and his new band, Swaso, played.  LOVED IT.

Everything from Prince to Taylor Swift, it was a pretty impressive range of covers.

The crowd was super into it, and at one point he ended up on top of a bar table playing his guitar with his teeth.  And it still managed to sound good.  No idea how that happens, but they definitely rocked.

If you’re interested in checking them out, they’re playing next Friday at the Cat’s Cradle.  If my parents weren’t in town I’d definitely be there, so it comes with a high recommendation from me.

SWASO’S OTHER GUITAR PLAYER (or was it a bass?  I can never tell…): 3

I’m sure he was good as I definitely didn’t hear any bad sounds, but not nearly as entertaining as Hugh and played the whole time with a weird ‘I’m so sexy’ smirk on his face.  Not sure what that was about, but wasn’t digging it… Tried to capture it on film, but without flash it only showed up as a blur.  You’re gonna have to trust me on this one, or check it out yourself on Friday.


At one point during the night we noticed a huge space opening up in front of us (rare considering how crowded it was) and discovered there was a fight about to happen right in front of us.  In fact, it was already happening but hadn’t yet elevated from screaming to hitting (I was prepared to intervene and use my impressive self-defense skills to kick some butt).

I felt bad for them, as it seemed a bit awkward, but at the same time we were HIGHLY entertained by it.  Clearly too drunk to care who was around and listening.  All in all it provided for some good laughs, and no was hurt while we were there 🙂

Her yelling…

And then storming away…

Not for long… now back to do some more yelling.  Eventually he gave up and stormed off and she was left awkwardly alone.  I think she was kinda asking for it.

I suppose that’s enough creepy eavesdropping for one evening.  Until next time, just living for the tens (and obsessively watching Apolo work his way towards a world record!) 🙂



  1. Rodney and I are Olympic lovers too!! So fun to watch. I think Apolo is great, but if I am being honest I don’t think either American deserved a medal in that race. We all know those Korean’s would have won if it wasn’t for the “tangle”. Not saying USA doesn’t rock, but I would rather see them win on their own ability, and not because of another athlete’s mistake, ya know?

  2. I agree, and I go back and forth on this. Then again, those tangles are a real part of speed skating as it’s slippery and they happen easily. So by staying out of a tangle the Americans were showing a certain amount of skill that should earn them something. The Koreans were weak and couldn’t stay standing 🙂

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