Fashion Update

After spending an extended amount of time on campus today, it appears that many North Carolinians have not yet realized that it’s actually winter.  You would think the freezing temperatures the past few weeks would have helped, but it seems not.

Believe it or not I saw a couple pairs of these:

And some of these:

And even a pair of these:

And WAY too many of these:

While there’s nothing wrong with tights in general, meant to be worn under skirts and dresses in the winter, I’m confused as to why girls now think they can substitute these for pants…

Add in way too many pairs of UGGs, farmer jackets and camo, I think State could use a little fashion help.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert here, but I know good fashion sense when I see it (even if I can’t rock it) and we’re missing something here on campus.  Perhaps I should make it my mission to add what I can…

Who am I kidding.  I can’t imagine showing up to class in anything other than jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie.

In the meantime I’ll be on the lookout for those who can 🙂


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