Gym Etiquette and Scented Candles


Normally I’d take at least a point off for a spinning class due to the pain that’s inevitably a part of it.  And what’s ironic, is that yesterday’s class was more painful than usual.  However, I think that might be why I’m rating it a 10.

The RPM class is a centrally created class by some big company (not sure exactly what they’re called) and gyms around the country implement them.  They train instructors, and every month or so they come out with a new ‘release’.  New music, new moves, etc.  Keeps things interesting.  The last release was at the end of January, and for two weeks after the release they have to follow the routine exactly.  Then, the instructors can mix it up a bit.

So this week’s was about 15 minutes longer than the past couple, and INTENSE.  My quads were burning already about half way through, and literally by the end I had nothing left.  Made me feel a bit better when this serious cyclist who always come felt the same way.  So it wasn’t just me 🙂

All in all, I figure, if you’re gonna show up you might as well get the most out of it.


After spinning I headed over to the astroturf (that’s right, my gym has astroturf) to Whittle My Middle.  While I definitely take out a mat and ab ball every time, it’s natural to return them both when finished.  I’m always SHOCKED by the number of people who take out mats, do their abs, and walk off without even thinking of returning it.

I’ll give them 1 point for the fact they may have just forgotten.


After class last night I headed to the grocery store to pick up some veggies.  On my way in I noticed this:

For those who have never been in my apt., I LOVE scented candles.  Especially the winter ones that smell like pine 🙂  However, they’re getting more and more expensive.  My favorites are Yankee Candle (by far the most authentic and potent) but the big ones cost $20!  I’ve found some candles as cheap as $6 or $7, but rarely ever cheaper than that.  So I was PUMPED when I found pine scented candles for only a buck at Kroger!

-1: It’s not Christmas season anymore, so they may have to wait until next year.

-1: At a price like this, who knows how many to buy???  I’ll clearly never find this price again, which indicates I should buy a lot.  Plus, they’re only a dollar, so I could buy 20 for the price of one Yankee Candle.  But who has room to store 20?  I debated this for a while and finally went with four.

-1: If I move before next Christmas (likely), then there’s now four more heavy candles with glass to pack up.

Still a great deal 🙂

MURPH’S ST. PATTY’S DAY SHIRT: 9 (what’s with me forgetting to include the actual ratings???)

At the Superbowl party last weekend Laura and Snook brought along an adorable little shirt for Murph.  Considering that his name is Murphy (it’s almost like my students knew about my Irish heritage when naming him), and it’s almost St. Patty’s Day, this was PERFECT.  Considering bringing him to an Irish Pub on March 13 to see if they’ll let him in…

We made him run around the Superbowl party wearing it, and while some might say dogs don’t like clothes, he came up to me yesterday with it in his mouth asking for me to put it on.  Clearly I couldn’t say no 🙂

-1: It’s a bit tight around his pug sized rib cage, but according to my dad it makes him look slimmer 🙂  Unfortunately after a while I think it makes him a bit uncomfortable…




  1. “I’m always SHOCKED by the number of people who take out mats, do their abs, and walk off without even thinking of returning it.” Yep, I feel ya. Like this new gym I’m going to. It’s rather small with few weights to go around… so when 2 people hug the dumbells and another dude keeps the plates on the bench press you’re out of exercise equipment!
    Mark Martinez,
    Testing out hypergain like the energizer bunny

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