Breakfast for Framily Dinner!

With the parents in town for the weekend, it was the perfect time for a big framily dinner 🙂  The theme= breakfast for dinner!


As always, the company was perfect.  Laura, Snooky, Ben and Scott were the regulars, add in Taki, an old friend of Scott’s and a new friend of ours, Morgan, a friend from the climbing wall, Claudia, an old friend but new addition to the framily, and the parents, and you’ve got a great group 🙂

Taki and Scott preparing some goods.

Having a little fun with Dakota.

Dakota sporting one of my mom's homemade hats.

Scott, pretty excited about something.

Laura and Taki enjoying some good food.

Taki and me 🙂

Now let’s add in some incredible breakfast treats…

Whole wheat pancakes, with chocolate and peanut butter chips.

Claudia, baking away.

Claudia's DELICIOUS scones.

Snooky's Chicago-style eggs (burnt on the bottom with pepper)

Ben lighting his banana's foster on fire.

My plate full of deliciousness 🙂

-1: I was really hoping to play some euchre 😦

Other than that a perfect night!  And an overall great weekend with the parents 🙂


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