Yet another brilliant discovery thanks to Jaci of EverydaySassypants.  Have no idea where this rating is going to go… but before beginning, watch this video to get an idea of what exactly Chatroulette is.

I must admit I’m a bit overwhelmed.  Yet I’m also feeling the urge to try it out before giving it a real rating… perhaps I can talk others into trying it with me?



  1. Funny you have a post about this because I just heard of it for the first time on a show the other day. It was on a show similar to The Soup and basically they found it was mostly perverts that were on this thing.

  2. Perverts aside it’s just a cool thing to check out. Just skip the pervs! My sisters friend Chat Roulette’d with Ashton Kutcher yesterday- a SECOND spotting of him on the site (an article regarding the first one is linked on my blog) I think it’s just a cool concept in terms of connectiveness and where technology is going.

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