Chilean Earthquake


While of course all earthquakes are bad, I do feel especially bad for the people of Chile.  The magnitude and surprise of the Haitian earthquake rallied folks together, and worldwide thousands of dollars (probably closer to millions) were raised and donated for their rebuilding.  Presidents created funds, we were able to simply text ‘Haiti’ and easily donate money, and we sent hundreds of troops over to help.

When an earthquake hit Chili a month later, a larger one I might add, there has been significantly less coverage, discussion and support.  Granted, Chili is economically better off, which put them in less danger in the first place, however there are still stories of devastation.

This is one of them.  Shared with me by a good friend, who traveled there to film a documentary, I can’t help but share with you.  While we have heard less, they still need your help.  Please watch this video about Robinson Crusoe island, hit by a tsunami following the earthquake, and consider donating here.

[vimeo 9927098]



At least I can’t figure it out, so in the meantime, check it out here.



  1. I was really, really upset by the earthquake, as Chile is very near and dear to my heart from spending a semester abroad there. I would highly encourage anyone, but especially those who love the outdoors, to visit Chile. It is a fantastic country and a visit sometime in the near future would help to infuse some $ to the economy. I would also be glad to accompany as a personal tour guide.

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