The Busy Box!

Every Friday I drive to Carrboro, park my car, and walk about a mile to McDougle Elementary to pick up Megan (3rd grade) from school.  About a half hour later her older brother Nick (6th grade) comes home on his own.  This has been a pretty great gig for a grad student attempting to get by with no student loans as the kids are great, and it gives me an excuse to walk two miles in nice weather every Friday (seriously since the beginning of the year it has rained on only two Fridays- can you believe it???).

For Christmas Nick purchased Megan ‘The Giant Busy Box’- a box full of tons of different crafting projects.  Megan, however, is not a big fan, because on the box it clearly says ‘For ages 3 and up’.  As a third-grader, this was clearly too young for her.  So, she has decided to protest it ever since Christmas.  And every Friday, like clockwork, on the way home from school I ask her what she wants to do.  Inevitably she shrugs her shoulders and says ‘I don’t know’, and I immediately follow it up with an excited ‘Wanna play with the Busy Box?!?!’.  She gives me a sheapish smile and says ‘No! Not the Busy Box!’.

Well, today proved that perseverance is key, as once Nick was on my side she finally gave in.


Check out the awesome fruits of our labor!

Glad we enjoyed it while we did, as I’m guessing Megan may never let us play with it again…


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