Goodbye March…


Is it me or has the general quality of driving gone downhill recently?  Or is it maybe just North Carolina?  Not sure, but I’ve definitely noticed a significant increase in out of control rolling stops where you’re pretty sure the car is going to jump right out in front of you.  Maybe I’m more aware now that I’ve had a couple jerks actually pull out right in front of me (one almost causing an accident this morning).  Now I find I’m not trusting of ANYONE who looks like they may pull out.

I’m rethinking the necessity of more constant drivers tests in order to keep your license…


On the way home from class tonight I had a random older (maybe 40’s?) guy with long hair turn, smile and wave from the passenger seat of the car stopped right near at a stop light.  I have to admit that instinctively I’m not initially receptive.  I’ve had too many bad experiences with creepy guys in other cars that I just don’t always feel comfortable.  But let’s be honest, 99% of people have great intentions, and what’s nicer than a random person just wanting to spread some cheer?  I appreciated it even more when they drove off and I noticed the license plate was from Maine 🙂


While part 1 of his therapy is complete avoidance of other dogs, it’s almost impossible to avoid completely.  And I must admit, I’ve been UBER impressed with his responses.  Tonight we saw many dogs off in the distance (it’s a really nice night in North Carolina) and while he seemed to notice them, he still followed all direction given to him by me.  Plus, when we got back to the parking lot I had him and Murph sitting facing me, and come to find out after they got up there was a dog walking by behind me.  Would have had NO idea by Dakota’s reaction, as there was no reaction.  Thank you Val!



  1. I think the Maine car saw the Sugarloaf sticker on your car (you DO have one don’t you??), thus the howdy-do. Maine folk aren’t normally that type, so it was probably prompted by that.

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