Weather Ratings


For someone who’s as terrified of storms in general, and specifically tornadoes, as I am, the last thing I need every time I log on to is pictures and videos of the horrific damage caused by tornadoes.  Why they feel it necessary to focus on this for an entire week at least once a year is beyond me.

Very VERY rarely I find myself clicking on a video in awe of the destruction. +1


I somehow don’t remember this ever being as bad as I’ve seen it this year.  But in the past week we’ve found ourselves covered with a blanked of pollen.  Laura and I went for a walk yesterday and left footprints on the sidewalk amidst all the pollen.

I don’t have allergies (luckily), so other than pure annoyance it doesn’t bother me too much.  I do find it be to be gross looking though, so I’ll be happy when it disappears 🙂


While lots of sun and little rain mean the pollen sticks around longer, I honestly can’t complain about the constant sunniness recently.  Made for an incredible weekend in the mountains last week, and now more excellent outdoor climbing this weekend.  Life is good 🙂


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