Birthday Countdown


There are many things I loved about this mornings spinning class with Laura.  Getting up at 5:45 in the morning was not one of them.  -2

Having to leave early to pick up Amy and drive her to school was also not one of them.  -1.

But once those two are out of the way, I’d say it was a great start to the day.  If Laura hadn’t have joined, I would have been apt to just stay in bed.  Especially after Murph gave me his ‘Why the heck are we getting up so early’ face, and then curled up in a ball under the covers.

Took me awhile to get started and work as hard as usual, but it was a great workout, and it gave me an extra hour today to get some of this end-of-semester work done.  SWEET!


I love birthdays.  A lot.  Not just my own, but everyone’s.  It’s just an excuse to be happy and celebrate, and what’s not to love about that?  So I obviously extend birthdays into an entire week (the 7 days leading up to your actual birthday), and actually just feel  a bit happier the whole month of April.  When I was teaching I always had the date on the top right corner of the board, and the entire month of April instead of the date it would say ’18 days until Ms. Smith’s birthday’ (instead of April 2), etc.  While the kids just rolled their eyes (which they did a lot at my ‘weirdness’), I loved it 🙂

So not having a white board, or an audience that’s required to pay attention to me, this year is a little bit sad 😦  Still, it’s my birthday week!


I often forget how much I hate these until I’ve hauled it around the store for 15 minutes.  Then I quickly remember how irritating it is to spend all your energy and muscle redirecting a cart.

So today when I grabbed one from the parking lot and realized immediately it was one of ‘those’ I went to the cart location to grab another one.  It was empty 😦  So I figure I don’t have to work my arms later today because this should count.



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