Music, Storms and Murph’s Boredom

As if you haven’t had enough ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ recently, Glee decided to do their own version this week.  I’m pretty sure their writers read my blog.  Just saying.

And while I was told to immediately watch the show, I decided to just go with the YouTube version.


I’m not sure exactly who ‘needed who tonight’, as there were dramatic love glances everywhere, I can confidently say it’s the best vocal version of the song I’ve ever heard.

-1: There’s something to be said for the raspiness of Bonnie Tyler’s voice, and that’s missing here… but otherwise it’s INCREDIBLE!

Last night Laura, Scott and I headed to Tyler’s Taproom downtown after climbing, enjoying some beautifully warm weather and delicious foods.  That is, until a thunderstorm began approaching, and striking everything in sight.  For someone who is scared to death of thunderstorms, this doesn’t exactly make for a relaxing end to a meal.  However, plus 2 since we didn’t get hit 🙂


While this isn’t actually a photo I took, it might as well have been.  Seriously, lightning striking EVERYWHERE.

Laura and I then headed down to Broad Street Cafe to see Ted Dreis and Alex Wilkins (of Tripp).  Ted was up first, and really enjoyed the intro to yet another fabulous local musician in the triangle.  Seriously, this place is amazing.  Interesting lyrics, but fun sound, especially when he was playing guitar and harmonica at the same time 🙂

Then Alex was up, and unfortunately it was already getting late and we only stayed for a couple songs.  HOWEVER, pleasantly surprised with this…


While it took about 8 months, I finally got my Mason Jennings request.  And you gotta give him some credit, considering as of my first request he had no idea who Mason was.

And Alex, don’t think this 10 is just because you asked for it…


It started with a ziploc bag torn to pieces, then turned to a cardboard box, and finally when it got to this I knew it was time to put my work aside and take him for a run.  While annoying, and surprisingly difficult to clean up, it does force me to enjoy the nice weather 🙂  Plus, I suppose dog’s need to communicate somehow, and Murph has definitely figured out what’s effective in getting what he wants… Plus, I can’t help but laugh.

Until next time, just living for the tens 🙂



  1. LOVE the expression on the Smurf dog – ever so subtle! Can’t wait till he gets to me – I will walk him until he drops. Maggie has definitely slowed in the chewing department when we walk her legs off! She will give Murphy some diversion. Looking forward to your visit.

  2. Looking forward to working A Total Eclipse inside
    a powder keg’s energy givin’ off Sparks,…
    Semper Fi,…snooky

  3. Priceless photo of Murphy’s cute eyes. 🙂

    It is super awesome that you were safe after the lightening storms on Thursday night.

    Doesn’t the song just make you want to watch the rest of the Glee episodes?!?

    And, Alex definitely gets the 10 for the intro of the song and the rest of the show. But, $200 to hear Total Eclipse….a bit steep, even with the 7-8 minutes in length – for $20 perhaps.
    An excellent evening over all.

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