Purging, Packing and Outdoor Music


In lieu (?) of spending Mother’s Day with my mom (although this will be happening on Tuesday as I finally head back North so a quick vacation) I got to celebrate with Scott and his parents.  And boy do they have good taste.  While I often kid Scott that he needs to take me to Ruth’s Chris for a fancy date (despite me not eating meat) I wasn’t actually expecting to ever go.  However, luckily that’s what his mom wanted for Mother’s Day 🙂  So off we went.

Three crabcakes, a ton of broccoli and half a giant baked potato later it was time for these…

However I’ll admit when I ordered the cheesecake I wasn’t expecting to get an entire cheesecake.  One slice would have been just fine… left feeling overfull and sluggish due to the excessive dessert, but overall a DELICIOUS Mother’s Day lunch 🙂


I spent most of the weekend beginning the intense purging process that NEEDS to happen before packing up and moving again.  Despite having done this the last time I moved two years ago, you would be amazed by how much more stuff I’ve collected.  It’s out of control, really, and I feel genuinely excited about throwing half of it out.

I find a huge dilemma when it comes to purging, because the minimalist in me (despite the appearance of my apartment, it really does exist) wants to throw out everything I haven’t used in the past month, the cheapskate in me wants to save everything I might use in the next five years so I won’t have to run out and buy a new one.  I’m trying my best to compromise between the two…

That being said, I ended up with three bags of trash, and three giant boxes of clothes/things to give away.  My closet looks INFINITELY better.  However, I’m sure it will be put into a completely different perspective when I move everything out of my giant walk-in closet into something that will continue to make it look excessive… the ongoing fight continues.


While I was happy with everything I was able to get rid of, Murph was not.  Here he’s trying to rescue his beloved stuffed animal (that he insists on dragging around the apartment and shedding stuffing EVERYWHERE) from a box that’s just a bit too tall.

For all you that think I’m mean, I did eventually let him keep it, and they’re snuggled up together on the bed as I write this.


Nothing quite like some Bobbasheely Framily time to finish the week off right… Scott and I headed over to Southern Village to picnic on the lawn with Laura and Snooky, and of course enjoy some live outdoor music.

The music was alright, but the company and food was GREAT.  +10 for showing the boring crowd how to have some fun.  -1 for all the stares we got.  Come on guys, this isn’t the symphony, we’re at an outdoor concert!


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