Road Tripping It All the Way Up to Maine :)

Maine’s motto, ‘The way life should be’, really says it all.

On Wednesday I hit the road from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, stopping there for the night and picking up my mom.  Murph, Dakota, my mom and I then headed north on Thursday until we arrived in Topsham, Maine to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th.  Maine has been a summer trip every year since I can remember, and since I’ll be missing the August trip we decided to make it happen in May.  Unfortunately Maine summers don’t really get going until July, so we won’t be visiting camp (our family lake house) this year 😦  But, Maine still has plenty to offer 🙂


Sheetz is an important part of every road trip, and clearly I stopped immediately upon leaving Wake Forest on Wednesday to grab a coffee.  The woman there told me about all the benefits of the Sheetz card, but they didn’t have any so I continued on my way.  During my second stop they had some available, and she informed me of the gas discounts (with enough points collected), permanent coffee and fountain soda discounts (totally key since that’s why I stop in the first place).  My first coffee with my new card was even free 🙂

-1 because the first Sheetz I hit up didn’t have any left, leaving me discountless for one of my stops.

HARRASEEKET’S: 6 (How do I keep messing up such simple math?!?)

As soon as I arrived in Maine I planned my visit to Harraseeket’s, one of my favorite places to get seafood and lobster in Maine.  Right on the water in Freeport, you order at a window and get to enjoy outside at picnic benches, surrounded by boats and other ‘Mainey’ things.  Perfect atmosphere 🙂

I must say, however, that unlike normal the service was BAD.  The girl taking our order at the counter got all confused by our order (a bit understandable seeing as we did add/change quite a bit).  I did make a point at the end of clarifying we wanted 5 fish sandwiches, 2 with cheese, all with tartar.  Well, when the food came out they all had cheese (bleh!  Who puts cheese on fish?!?), and none had tartar.  Interesting… additionally, they brought us out a huge order of onion rings that no one ordered.

When we found out they cost an extra $4, we decided to return them (which she had offered when she delivered them and realized there had been a mistake).  I offered to take them back, and dealt with a woman who basically accused me of lying about all of it, the original girl suddenly denied she had made a mistake, and basically I felt stupid even though I had done nothing wrong.  I hate complaining about a place I love, but when you’re that rude to me I have no choice.

Luckily the sandwich was still pretty good (despite the cheese), and the company and atmosphere was as good as usual.

-4 for the bad service.  Above 5 as I’ll obviously be returning 🙂  Hopefully that girl gets fired  by then…

Once we were done eating we headed outside to take some family pictures, and hopefully harass Kyle, my other cousin, a bit while working at the Marina.


It took me about 45 minutes to get them all out of the house in the first place, and about another 45 to get them out of the stance you see below…

One thing after another, every time you think you’re about to move on to the next thing they have something else to talk about.  Geez oh pete!  I suppose it provides a good opportunity to work on my patience…

Finally, we made it off to the Freeport Outlets, where I scored tons of goodies, including these:


Can’t wait to start rocking these 🙂

Until then, just living for the tens!



  1. …Those are the coolest Nikes I’ve ever seen,…since I had to discard my bright green and yellow pair some doze or so years back,…!!!

    Stay strong, smiling, and ,…return to NC safely,…
    semper fi,…snooky

  2. That comment about rounding up the fam made me laugh out loud! Patience is a virtue. The shoes, however, did not make me laugh…

  3. Welcome to the frustration of mobilizing the family. If you want to stand around and yack for another 20 minutes, don’t tell me it’s time to go. If it really is time to go, get in the car and go! Maybe the secret is…..when it’s time to go, let’s get in the car and drive away. Anybody not in the car gets left behind.

  4. Wait a minute. Does this mean we have to start calling Scott, “Capt. Scottiepants”??? Because I’m all for that if so. In fact, I think he needs a cape.

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