North Carolina Randomness

Lack of ratings is just a good sign of all the fun that is already being had this summer 🙂  Will attempt to keep more updated…

In the meantime, I’ve been catching some recent randomness on my iPhone and decided it’s time for some random ratings 🙂  Here they are!


HILARIOUS.  I guess he sees humans sleeping on their backs and figured it was worth a try.  Couldn’t help but laugh every time I looked at him.  -1: because it’s so funny, I walked around on eggshells for about an hour while he slept.  Even crept over to get a picture, afraid that I’d wake him up and he’d move.

THAI CAFE’S PAD THAI: About two weeks ago I decided to go vegan, after having experimented with varying levels of vegetarianism over the past 8 years.  While at first intimidating, I’m learning quickly and finding delicious food everywhere.  This Pad Thai from Thai Cafe (minus the egg) was INCREDIBLE.  Nothing beats some bean sprouts combined with shredded carrots.  Plus, more for me since Scott is not as big a fan of the vegan thing as I am…


Make up your mind already.


While walking around the flea market near NC State a couple weeks ago we spotted this…

Can you see that?  She is CARRYING her dog in a front dog carrier.  Like a child.  WHAT?!?  I’m pretty sure Cesar Millon would have some pretty strong feelings about this…


A couple weeks ago Student U had a summer fundraiser, and getting geared up for my summer working for them Scott and I decided to head over.  It was held at Wine Authorities, a local wine store, and the Only Burger truck was part of the fundraiser.  For $5 you got 3 mini-burgers, and 4 tastes of wine.  The Only Burger truck is opening a restaurant and want to find a house wine, so you try four wines and put your ticket in the box for the wine that goes best with the burgers.

We figured this was a perfect pre-dinner activity, as I don’t eat meat and Scott doesn’t drink.  He took the burgers and I got the wine 🙂  HOWEVER, I was super pumped, and pleasantly surprised, to see they were also handing out veggie burgers.  DELICIOUS veggie burgers.  You know, the kind where you can actually taste the veggies inside the burger.  INCREDIBLE.

It was totally crowded, which takes a point off for the wait and crowds (I’m not always the best with large groups of people…), but other than that it was AWESOME.

So pumped for a summer full of Student U 🙂


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