Race for the Cure!

Sadly I missed last year’s Race for the Cure in the triangle, as I was headed out to LA for Teach For America’s summer institute.  Seeing as I’m here for the summer finishing up my Masters, there was no way in the world I was missing it this year.  Especially with the year my mom has had fighting breast cancer, it was especially meaningful to be there.  I can’t believe I’ve never been before, and think I will do my best to never miss one again.  What a powerful day…


I raced with the most incredible team there, formed in celebration of my favorite Laura DeLoye, who was diagnosed with breast cancer 1 year and 7 months ago (is that right Laura?).  The group formed then to show her some love, and continues to spread the loving, especially when it comes to raising money for breast cancer.

Plus we’re just plain hard core.


At least two of us were on the right track.  But seriously, are you guys trying to outsmile the competition?


Let’s just say we’re lucky we were participating in the non-competitive race, as it took us over 30 minutes just to get to the starting line…

And I suppose our photo stops didn’t help either…

Or the large crowds…

But we made it to the end in less than an hour and a half!  For a 5K that’s brilliantly embarassing.

Just meant extra QT with the framily 🙂


Best. team. name. EVER.


I promise this high rating has nothing to do with the fact that the fabulous Laura Deloye (of Laura’s Love Posse) was heading up the Entertainment Committee this year… or maybe it does, but either way the race entertainment was BRILLIANT!

A church choir, a folk band, a saxophone quartet, Mr. Wolf AND Woole Bull?!?  Can’t beat it 🙂  Certainly kept me energized when I nearly died alongside Lauren during the women’s 5k earlier in the morning…


With nearly 25,000 participants, in 90 degree heat, I’d say the folks organizing did an INCREDIBLE job of making sure there was enough water for everyone and anyone.  I drank 3 bottles myself, and was incredibly grateful for their ability to plan ahead 🙂


Considering how much water they were handing out, both in bottles and cups, they also did a great job of planning for where it all would go.  There was definitely some spillover in some places, but there were bags and cans EVERYWHERE, and they even had plenty of recycling- for plastic AND cardboard.  Hard enough to do in my own apartment, so much love for the large scale which they were able to recycle.

All in all the Race was incredible, especially considering my hatred of large crowds and heat.  The fact that I barely noticed these two, and actually kind of enjoyed the power of the crowd, says a lot about all pieces of this event coming together to make one incredible Saturday.

If you’ve never been before, DO IT!!!


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