A Day in the Mountains

Sometimes you just need a day in the mountains.  This weekend was definitely a weekend that could use one of those.  So off we went.


I’d heard good things about hiking around Linville, but upon furthor reflection I’m pretty sure folks were talking about Linville GORGE and not Linville Falls.  While it was definitely a hike, and it got us outdoors, it was rather commercial, not very long, and pretty easy.  Either way, I finally got to see the second largest waterfall in North Carolina 🙂


After the hike we headed closer to Boone and decided to spend a little time at my favorite Boone hideaway.  Discovered on a visit two years ago while taking a class at App State, it’s a great spot to swim, relax, suntan, read or hike.  We decided to take it easy and whip out the US History books we brought along.

-1 because we didn’t find a spot deep enough to actually swim.  However, it was deep enough for Murph and I got him in the water for the SECOND time in one day.  I’m so impressed 🙂

After a day full of hiking and relaxing we headed to King Street, as it wouldn’t be a day in Boone without a little shopping… we only stopped for about an hour, but long enough for me to pick up a new glass ring, a killer Nalgene, and my favorite ‘Life is Good’ sticker.  Along the way we saw a little sadness.


Along the way there were some hippie musicians playing, which is pretty classic Boone and something I love about it, who had a cute tiny little boxer puppy laying on the ground.  I asked to pet it and they told me it was really sick and held up a sign that said ‘Sick puppy- Anything helps’.

My dog-loving instinct immediately wanted to give them money, but then I just started getting mad.  As someone who’s put a lot of time and money into my two pups, I made sure not to adopt either of them without the resources to support them.  So why did these folks have this puppy in the first place?  Don’t tell me it was his only option, as he was a tiny, adorable purebred boxer.  They can’t even pretend like he wouldn’t be a hot ticket item at a local shelter.  So to me it’s just selfish that they would have taken him home, away from someone who could have cared for him, and then let him sit on the street corner sick.

Still angry about that one.

Next we headed to a great Mexican spot (which I also discovered while here two summers ago)- Coyote Kitchen.


A couple great vegetarian meals, and some brilliant salsa options.  Overall a good find, with incredibly friendly staff and outdoor seating so Murph could beg us for food throughout the meal.

-2 I remembered this after I ordered, but they only serve soda in cans.  Meaning no free refills.  Total bummer when you still have a three hour drive in front of you after a long day.

Overall a pretty stellar day 🙂



  1. 1. Can’t wait to go there in two weeks with you guys! 🙂
    2. Yes, Linville Gorge is the crazy awesome hiking, taking a pack in, etc….I’ve never been either.
    3. Would love to go to the secret hideaway place!
    4. Love that Scott actually signed Capt. Scottiepants. 🙂

  2. I’m stealing Laura’s set-up (thanks Laura!):

    1. I believe Murph gets out more than me…I think he has a sun tan!

    2. I want to go to the secret spot too!!!

    3. You can’t just throw a sick dog story in the middle of a post! I was blindsided and ended up crying at 8:23 AM! People that get animals and then don’t take care of them totally tick me off. What is wrong with people?!?!

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