Puppy Cuddling

While many have probably believed by now that this blog has gone extinct, I am here tonight to prove otherwise.

Returning to the classroom, this time to teach U.S. History and AP U.S. History, has been about as time consuming as I predicted, and sadly this blog has become one of the boxes on my to do list found under the ‘nice to have’ column rather than ‘must have’ column.  However, tonight’s occurrence has forced me to return.

Those loyal readers may recall my dream that one day my two dogs would be found cuddling like those on adorable postcards and greeting cards found at Hallmark and on those mass forward emails.  While this was my original goal in getting a second dog, I soon had to readjust my expectations when I fell in love with Dakota, who did not love the idea of cuddling with other dogs quite as much as I loved the idea of him doing it.

And tonight, after a long weekend with the parents and their puggle Maggie, this is what I found on my living room couch 🙂

Can’t rate this anything but a 10 🙂

Hopefully there will soon to be more where this post came from…


One comment

  1. It just made my day to see a new post!!! It’s been three months and I didn’t give up hope and this post was reassurance as to why I kept checking for updates. =)

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