Puppy Parade

*This is the first guest rating (of hopefully many), coming from Cheryl Smith, my twin sister and most avid blog follower.*

Sometimes it feels like everyone around me has adorable dogs, except for me.  I find this makes me want one even more than I did before!  The reality of it is, working in the city and commuting an hour each way to work, every day, just doesn’t seem realistic or fair to a dog.  Therefore, I have had to live vicariously through everyone else.

Luckily I am not alone in this, as my coworker seems to suffer the same problem.  Our way of coping is by dog sitting as much as possible, and surrounding ourselves with as many adorable dog pictures as we can.  It’s only somewhat embarrassing when people walk by our desks and ask if all of these dogs are ours, to which the response is, “Actually I don’t have a dog…  These are just my friends’ and families’ dogs.”

Therefore, as my first guest post I decided to rate the cubicle wall of my coworker.  Because of his love for everyone else’s animals, even those people he doesn’t even know, I had to rate this an 8.


One comment

  1. While I will grant you there is a bit of “creep factor” in this story, I can’t say I blame him with all of these cute puppies! Plus, notice how Murph has the most pictures of any puppy and is asleep in EVERY one, haha. Well played, Murph…well played.

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