A Couple Bring Backs…

Weekend ratings to come shortly, but in the meantime here are two awesome things brought back during our castle stay 🙂


Constant entertainment, this fortune telling device is also shockingly accurate.

It turns out Ben is going to wear a band-aid tux to his wedding, marry Blanche from the Golder Girls and have Paul as a pet.

Cant’ wait to see that in action.

-2 for the time consumption, considering you’ll only getting a fortune for one person.  Other than that?  Perfect.


Charlie has decided that this week he’s going to bring back the magic tricks.  He decided to try them out on us first, and I’ve gotta admit we were all pretty impressed.  A brilliant combination of trickery and slight of hand, it was the best magic I’ve seen in a while.

-2 for the lack of flying and bodies being cut in half.  I suppose I’ll have to see David Copperfield to truly bring back all my favorites parts of magic…

Until next time, just living for the tens!


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