Bryan Adams, ‘Bare Bones’

I heart Bryan Adams in a pretty serious way.

In fact, I’m pretty sure almost two years ago I called him the love of my life.  It appears not much changes in two years.

At that time, Paul and I also made a trip to his concert in Durham.  It was an amazing experience that earned a rating of 9.5 (-.5 for the venue).

He has now come out with a new CD called ‘Bare Bones’ that I received a copy of over Thanksgiving break.  I listened to it the whole ride back from Harrisburg, and have pretty much not stopped playing it since (except for brief intervals of the Bryan Adams station on Pandora).  It’s been so fun to revisit all my favorites, that inevitably take me back to freshman year of college.  My poor roommate, Anjali, had to put up with my love and constant playing of ‘Everything I Do, I Do it for You’, ‘Here I Am’ and ‘Please Forgive Me’.  I’d prefer to think I just helped her fall in love with him as well 🙂

Regardless, on to the album rating.


-1: One of the things I loved most about his concert was the way he interacted with the audience, rather than just playing music.  However when I heard some of the same jokes on the album that I heard in person, it made me feel like our time together may not have been as genuine as I thought…

-1: A collection of great songs, but a couple I either don’t know, or just don’t love as much.  But, that could just be the price you pay for an album with 20 songs.  You’re bound to hit a couple you don’t love quite as much.

Let me assure you, these two points will not be preventing me from continuing to play it on repeat until I do know all the songs.  Or from researching when he will next be playing in North Carolina…


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