Free Compliments…


One of my favorite students (just kidding… they’re all my favorites :)) posted these up on the walls of our school hallway on Wednesday…

The raggedy edge on the bottom is where she had a whole bunch of compliments written, cut and ready to tear off and hand to someone in between classes. Reminds me a little of something that Stargirl would do…

Probably not a surprise that I immediately loved this quick and easy way to spread joy around the school.  I grabbed one immediately and found a student who earned it in the next class.

Most of the signs looked like the one above within 15 mintues of being put out, and today she created a new batch at lunch, most of which are already gone.  This is how much everyone WANTS to spread love and positive energy, but just needs a little encouragement.

While the compliments are generic and generalized, you can always add your own individualized message on the back.  This just makes it easier for you to do something you  might not otherwise take the time to do.

Sadly the majority of the compliments were not appropriate to give to a student (minus the one I chose which was ‘You Make Me Smile’, which I added a comment to the back about his stellar participation that day).  So I was inspired to create these for the teacher work room…

That’s the thing about great leaders.  They inspire others to do amazing things as well.

What a wonderful Friday 🙂



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