It’s Christmas in Gaston…

Nothing better on a Thursday night in December than putting up a Christmas tree…

Here’s how it turned out 🙂


Overall the size is perfect.  When I first bought this tree (actually the Christmas I last lived in this house) I debated for a while between a full size tree or a smaller one (which would obviously fit better in my tiny house).  Ultimately I decided that eventually I’ll have a bigger house so rather than have to buy a new tree I’d just go with the big one now.

Good call at the time, especially when I had a large apartment the last two years.  However, here we are again in my tiny house with different (larger) furniture…

So I made an executive decision to half the tree.

Yup, we put up half of it, and pushed it flush against the wall.

BRILLIANT.  That’s all I can say.  Absolutely brilliant.

However, that sparse middle section?  You can thank Andrew for that one.  Shortly after he sat down and watched Elf while I made the magic happen.  Part of me feels like I should take a point off for it, but part of me think it gives the tree character.  Along with the halfness of the tree…

SO, I give it a 9 🙂  Sadly I don’t have any ornament hangers so some sweet ornaments got left off the tree.  -1

But the rest, including the company and Elf playing in the background, couldn’t possibly get any better 🙂

Until next time friends, just living for the tens.


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