Murph’s GIANT Bone

While at Target on Tuesday I walked past the dog section and had to glimpse (per usual).  IMMEDIATELY catching my eye was the largest dog bone I’ve ever seen in my life.  And oddly enough, the first thing I thought about was Murphy.

Not Dakota, my 80 lb. chocolate lab, but instead my 20 lb. puggle.  Because he’s so obsessed with food I could only imagine the excitement he would attack it with, and how hilarious it would be to watch him dragging, carrying, and struggling with this humongous bone would be.

Turns out I was not disappointed, as he has done all of the above.

Plus try desperately to bring it to bed with him.  Which is clearly impossible as he can barely jump up on the bed as it is, and can barely carry the bone on the floor, so it is QUITE entertaining to watch him attempt to jump on the bed with the bone in tow.

-1 for the gross thought of having a slobbery bone in my bed, and the whining that comes with me throwing the bone out of the bedroom so he’ll actually go to sleep.


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