Wine Glass Sadness

I love wine glasses.

Not just any wine glass, but the PERFECT wine glass.  Thus I have been on the hunt for many years now, always searching for an even better find.

My obsession has resulted in this…

A collection of light glasses, small glasses, free glasses, goblet glasses, monogrammed glasses and heavy over-sized glasses.

Oddly enough the best wine glass I’ve ever found costs exactly $1 and can be found right here in Roanoke Rapids at the Dollar Tree.  The size is perfect (I like a really big wine glass), and it’s got the perfect feel.  Weird, I know, but there’s something amazing about delicious wine in the perfect sized glass.  Weight is also a factor.  I really don’t like light wine glasses, but prefer those with a nice solid stem and base.  Again, all of these factors can be found in the Dollar Tree glass.

So last year when Laura hosted a glass painting Holiday party, it seemed obvious that I would monogram these perfect glasses, one for everyone in my family.

Mine has since become of my prized possessions.

So you can imagine the rating this receives…

Without the glass paint, time or patience that I had last Christmas, it appears I must continue the hunt for the perfect wine glass.

Until then, mourning the loss of this one.



  1. I haven’t read your blog in forever, but I stumbled across this entry and I TOTALLY remember buying these wine glasses in Ro Rap about this time last year (remember the time we went to see Parent Pride night, but didn’t?!). Miss you!

  2. Hi Janice – I know I’m a random poster, but went through this SAME process when I registered last year. I ended up with these bad boys and LOVE them. They feel strong and sturdy, but look nice. And are big. And the price is nice too!

    By the way…congrats on the teaching job. Needless to say, I was pumped when Cher filled me in on the news way back when and am glad to hear that things are going well for you in the classroom!

  3. hese glasses are a nice size. They fit comfortably in my hand and hold a lot of wine. I once put them on the bottom rack because they’re too tall for the upper, but they’ve held up well. The price is very reasonable also., I’m not looking for anything super fancy to go with the wine that I buy. purchased these after my brother came and visitedand laughed about how I only had multi-purpose wine glasses. He had recently tought a wine tasting class and decided that I needed a fresh set of glasses for gifts to the students for red wine so that they would appreciate the wine more.

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