A Little J-Factor…

It’s Secret Santa week!!!

I will never forget my first year of teaching, and how this week alone prevented me from wanting to die.  There’s something wonderful about little gifts to brighten your day, and to remind you that there are other adults in the building.

Yesterday was a great start with some dog treats for the pups, and even better a surprise 20 oz. Diet Mt. Dew at the end of the day.  You seriously, SERIOUSLY can’t beat that when you’re exhausted, and there it was with my name on it 🙂


Overall I give the week an 8, as I clearly love it a lot.  However, if you want to participate you have to prepare things for your own person.  Which I do love, but the time can be worth -1.  Secret Santa week also has the potential to be disappointing if your person doesn’t care about it as much as you do.  Luckily this year I have no problem with that, but it’s always a risk, hence the second point off.

PLUS, today was Mr. Murcko’s birthday, which meant birthday cupcakes from Kara!  While normally this is not a big deal for me since I can’t eat cupcakes, today she brought some in covered with my favorite sprinkles.  Considering that her frosting tends to be vegan, I decided to just go ahead and eat the frosting off.  I rarely, RARELY crave sweet foods anymore, but when I saw these covered with sprinkles I could not resist.

And god were they good.  Absolute, definite 10 for the frosting with sprinkles 🙂


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