Scrunchies are Back!

Yesterday was a challenging day.  There’s no way to sugarcoat it.  Someone asked me recently when the last time I cried was, and for a minute I genuinely couldn’t remember.  This is HUGE growth from where I was at the beginning of the year (where the answer probably would have been ‘2 hours ago’- on a good day), but yesterday was the first time in a while I wanted to.

It’s hard to explain what causes those days, but I wasn’t alone in feeling it.  That’s the thing about teaching though- while there are sometimes extreme lows, they are balanced by extreme highs, usually back to back.  I think much of this has to do with wanting to change things so badly when you hit a low, and that’s where I found myself this morning.  I walked in READY to make today better.  My plan was to love the crap out of some students, bring in lots of compliments, smile a lot (which isn’t that difficult or rare), and just be prepared to enjoy my classroom like I know I can.

But something happened during 1st period planning that made the start even better.

Check it out:

My secret santa brought me scrunchies!!!  I don’t know what it is about wearing things that I have no business wearing, considering they went ‘out’ about 10 years ago, but I just LOVE it.  It is in my hair as we speak, and I was giddy with excitement first period.

I’m a giant nerd.  I own this.  And today was an incredible day because of it.


Plus, it led to a little fun with Photobooth, which I also rate a giant 10.  You really can’t go wrong with some Photobooth fun…

Until next time, just living for the hair scrunchies and some more tens 🙂


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