Holiday Highlights

Christmas is over, the tree is down, the mustaches off, and it’s back to the real world.  Before heading back to school, here are a couple highlights.


What I never knew as a student was that no matter how excited I was about the potential of a snow day (or an actual snow day), my teachers were TEN TIMES MORE EXCITED. Now I know this is a fact.

So Wednesday night I had a decision to make: already in the triangle for a basketball game, I could drive back to Gaston, or hope that we’d actually get snow and I could enjoy the day off.  While snow day roulette doesn’t always pan out, this time it did big time.  Forgetting for a second about the backlash I’m dealing with when it comes to my class due to the days off, this decision was definitely a 10.  Sadly no pictures to prove of the good times, but I promise they were real 🙂

Following the snow, my parents arrived from Pennsylvania for my grad school graduation.


Many will know that the sole reason I wanted to attend my grad school graduation was to replace my horrible undergrad graduation pictures.  Due to a senior year full of partying and working at a (delicious) restaurant, I was about 15 pounds heavier than I am now.  The pictures show this, and while at the time I didn’t realize, an ex-boyfriend kindly called them my ‘fat pictures’ at one point.  I have yet to recover from this, so was determined to replace them.  Now that I have extra pictures of me in a graduation gown, I will promptly delete any memory of the old ones.

Sadly I had my cap on crooked for much of the ceremony, so I’m gonna have to take a point off.  Other than that, flawless 🙂

From there we headed north to visit the family in NH/New England.


It’s nice to spend Christmas in a cute cabin surrounded by mountains and snow.  In fact, I can’t think of a better place to spend Christmas…

Yes, the picture is real.  My cousin took it on Christmas day on the slopes of Sugarloaf.  I love it.


Thanks to an active family, it wouldn’t be a holiday without being outside.  So off my sister and I went with my aunt and grandpa to hike on a nearby path.  It was surprisingly warm (or not… maybe we just dressed well), and it was AWESOME to be outside enjoying the snow.  Plus it gave Cheryl and I plenty of opportunities to ham it up for the camera…

I must admit, however, that I always love hikes more when they lead to a peak, so the lack of uphill climbing and beautiful 360 at the top forces me to take off 2 points.

From there we headed down to NH to visit the other grandparents.


Snow at Christmas is ALWAYS a good thing.  It’s a rule.  So clearly I was thrilled to see the snow the day after.  Only sad part was that it left us stranded inside with little to do.  Luckily I had a good book to keep me company 🙂   Stay tuned for a rating…

Plus, it’s HILARIOUS to watch Murphy play around in the snow with a cone on his head.  It’s like his own little bulldozer.

Next stop was PA for a day, and then off to DC for New Year’s!


Probably not the most attractive accessory a girl can wear, but when it comes to theme parties I’m all in.  So there was no way I was going to a Mustache Fiesta to celebrate 2011, and not sport my own.  We started with home made versions, after looking at many stores with no luck.

Luckily Lupe Cantina provided us with an improved version once arriving…

After a couple fun nights in DC, visiting old friends along with new friends and staching it up, it was back to good old North Carolina 🙂

Phew.  That’s all friends.

Until next time, just living for the tens!


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