I’ve had mixed feelings about these for awhile, but this Christmas it seemed like the thing to get.  So while everyone around me enjoyed their Nooks and Kindles, I decided to jump in and purchase my first eBook for my iPad.

In all honesty, it wasn’t really my desire to jump on the eReader bandwagon as much as it was my impatience with having to order the book online (EVERY bookstore in the surrounding area was sold out).  So, I went on the iBook store and purchased it in about 30 seconds.  Huge points for the convenience factor.  HOWEVER, you’re not able to purchase used, so you have no choice but to purchase full price.  I’m not sure I’ve ever purchased a full price book online…

When I began reading I definitely wasn’t sold.  I have enough trouble staring at a computer screen for long periods of time, and staring at my iPad was no different.  Plus, reading in bed was a bit more difficult.  The iPad is heavier than most eReaders, so this is definitely not a statement that applies to all.  And while it looks small and light, it actually does get heavy after some serious reading.  Either that or I need to hit the gym more often…

I will say, however, the built in light is kinda nice.  Then when I’m about to fall asleep I don’t have to get up (or more realistically roll about 3 inches to my right) and turn the light off.  I can just drop the iPad next to me and pass out.  PERFECT.

It’s also awfully convenient, especially when taking a road trip in a car with 4 people, 3 dogs and a whole bunch of Christmas gifts.  The book I bought was over 500 pages long, and something we DEFINITELY did not have room for.  Unless we wanted to sit on each other’s laps, that is.

I was also pretty pleased with iBooks ability to highlight, write notes, AND bookmark pages.  All of which appear on one nice page at the beginning of the book for easy reference.  That means no falling asleep with highlighters in the bed leading to awful (and permanent) stains.  Another plus.

The biggest downside I’ve found so far (along with the staring at a screen part) is the inability to share, display and hold.  There’s something to be said for having a bookshelf full of all your favorites, ready to pull off and hand to a friend anytime they stop by.  This one will stay permanently on my iPad however, living only on the virtual bookshelf found in my iBook app.


-2: lack of physical book and ability to share (and of course, the risk of losing it due to technical difficulties, which I suppose could be compared to theft, house fire or just general misplacement)

-1: the quality of my vision goes down per page

-.5: the cheapskate in me hates the idea of paying only full price for a book I can’t even resell after I’m done

Be curious to hear what others think based on their experience… any other ratings out there?


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