The Lost Girls

While I mentioned eBooks in the last post, I have yet to actually rate the book I was reading ON my iPad.  So here we are.  No better time than a snow day to catch up on the blog 🙂

The Lost Girls was recommended to me by a friend who has always dreamed of spending a year traveling the world, and this book is about three girls who did just that.

A true story, these three twenty-something women were living in New York City, and ended up giving up everything to pack a bag and take off.  Of course when you take off on an adventure like that, it only makes sense to write a book for all those left behind who can only live vicariously through you.

And live through them I did.  I’ll admit my perspective probably added to the experience, as I’m 26 and love to travel.  While I’ve never seriously flirted with the idea of an around-the-world trip before this read, I always have an ever-growing and changing list of ‘Must Go To’ places, as well as ‘Must Return To’ locales.  Therefore I could easily relate to all three of the girls, and LOVED that the book was told by each, switching off every chapter.  While similar jobs and places in life, they are all very different, with different stories to tell.

They traveled around South America, Africa, India, Australia, Asia and some islands in between.  They mixed up pleasure with a month-long service trip in Africa (possibly my favorite part of the book).  The stories range from self-reflection, crazy adventures, relationship struggles back home, potentially new relationships on the road, and the consistent story of one really strong friendship.

I made notes throughout the book about places I wanted to go, things to think about before leaving, and what I would need to make it happen.  On top of that, they’ve also now created a website with a ton of resources to answer many of the questions I generated while reading.  Check it out at

It’s a rather long book, but oddly I didn’t know this until after I finished, due to the fact I read it on my iPad.  The page numbers change frequently, depending on what size text you choose, so I had no concept of real book length.  And based on how long it took me to read it, I would never have guessed it was over 500 pages long.  Good sign about what an easy read it is 🙂  Not to mention, if you spend a year traveling the globe, I’d like to see how well people do editing down their photo albums, let alone the stories to go along with them.


Loved the book, but points off for the following:

-1- They never touched Europe.  Everyone’s trip has a different purpose, but when I travel the world Europe will be a part of it.  So while in many cases I used this book as a travel guide of where I should go, I received zero insight on Europe.

-1- Length could be a deterrent for someone who isn’t a teacher and doesn’t have a solid 2 weeks off for Christmas to read through it.

However, I’m adding a point back for the following:

After reading the book I went onto facebook because the friend who recommended the book happens to know Holly Corbett (one of the authors).  I friend requested all three girls, hoping to check in about some travel advice as I begin thinking about planning my own trip around the world.  Not only did all three accept, but two responded with sweet messages and offered to chat at any point.

Considering how much I love great people, you can’t help but love a book even more when you know the people who wrote it are genuinely good people.

Trust that I will be taking them up on their offer.



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