Why I Love Fridays…

It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t love Fridays, however after this Friday I’m convinced I love them significantly more than the average human.  Here’s why…


Roanoke Rapids got a Starbucks several years ago, and while I HATE Starbucks coffee, this fall I fell in love with their Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Once winter hit, they got rid of the Pumpkin Spice flavor and I transitioned to their Vanilla Lattes.  At $5 a pop (soy milk is EXPENSIVE) I don’t indulge very often, but Shelley has gotten me into the habit of getting one every Friday.  Even better, she picks it up on the way to work and there it is waiting when I arrive.  LOVE IT.

-2 for the price tag.


While we dress professionally most of the week (or in student uniform, which I often choose mid-week so I can sport khakis and a hoodie), Fridays are jean day.  While this may not seem like a big deal to most, this is a HUGE deal for me, as a die-hard jean lover.  Plus I get to pair them with…


Scored them on a great sale at the Freeport Nike Outlet last summer, and while my mom tried to talk me out of it (“Will you ever REALLY wear these?”), I’m glad I ignored her.

Every Friday is a little bit better when you’re sporting fluorescent sneakers 🙂


Our normal school days are 8-5, but on Fridays we only go from 8-2, allowing us to meet as a staff after kids leave.  This cuts our class periods back from 62 minutes to 40, a difference that makes both planning and execution a bit easier.  I certainly appreciate the benefit of extended school days, but once a week it’s nice to have a break.

Plus, it means our schedule changes a bit, and I teach 3 periods in a row.  While on a regular basis this might be exhausting, I LOVE the fast pace of Fridays because of it.


Every day our lunch period is 62 minutes long, which we split into 40 minutes of eating/chatting, etc. and 22 minutes of silent study hall.  While the students think we enjoy monitoring and disciplining these 22 minutes of a cafeteria full of students, it is actually THE worst part of every day.  But on Fridays, it’s all fun 🙂


Who doesn’t love Glee music???  So it only makes sense the obvious addition to every Friday is a Do Now playlist of exclusively Glee music.  Put together Proud Mary, Lean on Me, True Colors, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Sweet Caroline and One of Us and it’s impossible not to be in a good mood by the end of the class.

-1 for my difficulty in controlling my own singing, which does not set a good example when I spend the rest of the week reminding kids that if they sing they lose the privilege of Do Now music. 

Have to take off one more point for my urge to turn it up just a little bit every time another good song comes on.  All the noise complaints from other teachers reminds me of my days living in the AU dorms…

And while every Friday is pretty amazing, this Friday was even MORE amazing then normal.

Why I loved THIS Friday…


This Friday we spent class getting back semester exams, and cleaning out binders to prepare for the upcoming quarter.  I know this is incredibly nerdy and Type A of me, but I am OBSESSED with solid organization.  Both in my own teaching, but also with my kids.  So watching 90% of my class pull out their binders (most full with the materials from the past quarter) and meticulously remove, store away and reorganize could not have made me happier.

-2 for the 10% who 1) did not have their binders with them, 2) did not have a binder at all, or 3) didn’t need to clean it out because they didn’t spend any time organizing in the first place.


While I had some leftovers for lunch, walking back into the building from buses and smelling Chinese food could not have made me happier.  Especially when we have an awesome staff who went out of their way to order THREE vegetarian dishes (plus veggie spring rolls), and let me skip in line to make sure I got some.


-1… I probably ate too much.  Especially considering Framily Taco Night was up next on the agenda…


While framily dinners are typically on Sunday nights, Paul happened to organize one on Friday this week.  Clearly not to be missed.

As always, it was full of good food, amazing people, and a lot of entertainment 🙂


Following the Framily dinner I got to meet up with a Gaston friend, and fellow teacher, for some drinks at my favorite bar in Carrboro.  While I love going out with large groups of people, I would venture to say there is little I love more than one-on-one conversation over good beers.  And boy does Tyler’s have good beers (and boy does Brandon provide great conversation :)).

-1 because of my desire to call it quits early so I could be productive the next morning (although I’ll admit I was thankful at 8am on Saturday).

All in all a great end to a great day 🙂

Until next Friday, just living for the tens!


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