This is What Happens When You Become a Vegan…

You lose all egg-cooking skills you ever had.  Sadly I didn’t realize it until this morning, when I got a little too cocky with my ‘over easy’ egg making skills.

To be fair, this used to be a specialty of mine.  I loved them so much, I HAD to get good.  And with the perfect pan, lid and spatula they came out flawless every time.  Well, almost every time.  See picture below for evidence:

I should have considered the scenario before offering to show Adam how it was done.  This was the result:

I rate these eggs a 2.  No drippy yolk, a couple burnt spots, and clearly stuck all over the pan.  They were still edible, and apparently not too bad, so you’ve got to give them a couple points.

Shortly after, Adam actually made me feel better with his attempt:

Without having tried them it’s hard to give a completely accurate rating, however they were definitely still runny, and nothing was burnt (as far as I could tell).  I’ll give them a 6.5.  They look more like yolks-in-a-blanket than actual over easy eggs…

The good part of being vegan:

I rate this brilliant breakfast concoction an 8.  Hashbrowns with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, alongside cheesy grits (with soy cheese).  Perfectly filling and delicious, leaving me with no regrets about passing on eggs, bacon, french toast, pancakes, sausage… okay, maybe just one tiny little regret.

Until next time, just searching for the edible tens 🙂


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