Per Request…

It has been brought to my attention that this blog has gone sadly neglected as of recent weeks (and I”m pretty sure this is actually becoming the new theme of the blog).  SO, here we go 🙂  A little recap of what you’ve been missing in the exciting world of Gaston, NC…


I love competitions.  And I love the trash talk that comes before them.  And during them.  And after them.  And it just works out better for everyone involved when I win them.  Except for the fact that I’m now working on a little less gloating after winning the bet, which means -1.

Other than that, winning is AMAZING.  Especially when it leads to dinners that give me an excuse to get all dressed up and eat at a fancy restaurant (see below).  Or that leads to Andy Williams teaching in a kilt.  I can’t wait to kick his butt in the pool this Saturday… with no gloating afterwards.

I promise.


I loved them in the triangle and am thankful they’re beginning to find their way to Gaston.  Thanks to Josh Bailey who hosted the first tonight (and a taco night, no less!), I’m hoping this becomes a Thursday trend.  Especially since Thursday nights are technically Fridays, and we all know how much I love Fridays…

-1 because there’s always so much good food I often leave feeling uncomfortably full.  I’m gonna have to work on this if we do in fact have them every Thursday.

Oh, and did I mention that I finally met Josh’s challenge for a Guac-off and won 3-1?

Shocking, I know.

Wait, no gloating.  Got it.


As if Friday’s didn’t already put me in an insanely good mood, this past Friday we saw 72 degree weather down here in North Carolina.  This obviously led to me wearing a spring dress, open toed shoes, and a weekend full of outdoor activities.

-1 because spring weather rarely leads to any tanning, which is DESPERATELY needed for this Irish girl this time of year.


As Spring Break approaches, us teachers have began to finalize some seriously amazing plans.  In order to get through the long months of February and March I’ve learned it’s imperative you have something to look forward to, and boy is this break gonna do the trick.

The plan= a beach house in Charleston, SC featuring the very finest teachers of our school.  Add in a different theme party for each of the five nights, and it really doesn’t get any better.

Oh wait, that is until you add in a road trip to Memphis on the front end so I can finally see GRACELAND!


I do believe that’s all I’m ready to share on here for now.  Trust me when I say, this may be the best year of my life.  And the next six months of getting ready for it are going to be AMAZING.

And until then, just living for the tens 🙂


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