Rating the Fridge

I was reminded by a colleague today that it’s been way too long since I’ve touched ‘Rate Your World’.  And today seemed like a fitting day, considering that a weekend’s trip to the Farmer’s Market is making me even happier about the current state of my fridge.

Let’s take a look at a super grainy photo thanks to my old school Blackberry…

RED GRAPE SALE (bottom right): 10

Just the other day I walked into the grocery store and misread a sale sign that said “Green Seedless Grapes: $.99/lb” as “Red Seedless Grapes: $.99/lb”.  Easy mistake, I know.  And considering my budget and love of red grapes, I bought three bags.

I then proceeded to make a scene at the cash register when they charged me the full $1.99/lb, and they asked me nicely to take it to customer service.  It was there that the customer service lady walked all the way back to produce (with me following behind) to prove to me that I was the one who made the mistake, not them.  Oops 😦  Embarassed, I left immediately with my $10 worth of grapes.

So when I entered tonight, saw the same sign and re-read it four times to confirm it did actually say RED grapes, I immediately filled my basket.

Plus, no embarassing scene at checkout= clear 10.


Eating the same thing every day for dinner could get old.  When it’s free, it happens a little slower.

Last Friday before our school’s annual 5K I hosted a pasta dinner for students and faculty at my house (right across the street from school).  While my kids can eat, my mom can also cook.  A lot.  Since she was in town I delegated all pasta making to her 🙂

This left me with a TON of leftovers.  Some might think this is a bad thing.  I, however, who have paid virtually nothing for meals over the past week, love it.  Add in some cooked veggies, fake meat and soy cheese and you can keep it delicious.

PRE-PACKED LUNCH (top left): 8

Nothing makes me feel like I’ve got my life together more than having my lunch pre-packed the night before.  At 7:00 pm no less!

That being said, it’s still the same PB&J I’ve been eating for the past couple of weeks to save for my trip.  However, this week my PB&J was taken to a much higher level thanks to a Sunday morning trip to the Raleigh farmer’s market…

HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY LEMONADE JAM (pretty pink jar, top shelf): 8

While I probably wouldn’t have normally purchased it, I was dying to try a free sample and Adam seemed mortified at the idea of eating a free sample without a purchase.  So Mr. Cheepskate himself is the one who encouraged the final purchase.

Why every jam company hasn’t thought of combining strawberry and lemonade flavors is beyond me.  These people even included chunks of strawberries. Delicious, chunky AND homemade.  I love it.

-1 for the difficulty in spreading it (the one downside of all the chunks), and -1 for the $5 price tag.

FRESH WHOLE WHEAT BREAD (white paper bag, middle shelf): 10

I also splurged on a large loaf of homemade whole wheat bread at the market.  Made for a nice thick PB&J today (that elicited several comments from students due to its size) that held me over all the way until my 7:00 dinner.  Worth the extra cost considering that I saved two slices of normal bread I would have used on PB&J number two for lunch.

Plus, the thick crust was AMAZING.

PRE-CUT VEGGIES (bottom left): 10

I also took the time tonight to pre-cut all the veggies I bought at the farmer’s market and grocery store today.  Totally worth the 15 minute, as lunch packing for the week will be significantly easier, and the chances of me eating all of them before they go bad has just gone WAY up.

TRADER JOE’S HUMMUS (top shelf): 8

It’s amazing how much a trip to the triangle revolutionizes my fridge.

On the top shelf there you can spot three whole containers of Trader Joe’s hummus.  Not only is it cheaper, but it also comes in amazing flavors like ‘Spicy Chipotle’.  While I love my go-to Roaster Red Pepper from Food Lion, this is definitely a nice treat.

-2 because my favorite snack to dip in hummus is pretzels, which I’ve given up to save money.  And my favorite dip to go with pretzels is guacamole, which I’ve also given up since avacados are expense.  So sometimes when I eat hummus I find myself missing guacamole…

Until next time (which could be tomorrow or in 7 weeks when school gets out), just living for the tens 🙂


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