MHT: Students are the Stars

When I worked at the LA Institute two years ago the motto we always used was “The Students are the Stars”.  Seems like an appropriate title for this post, rating Episode 5 of the Magical History Tour!

The first four tours were hosted by yours truly, as I tended to record them when already traveling, making it difficult to bring along students.  However, one of the prizes in my incentive bag this year was earning a guest-host spot on the next episode of the Magical History Tour.  Thanks to Reuben for his lucky draw, off we went to Washington DC this February, along with Paris, Faiz and Evander.  Before we even left Gaston I knew that combo was going to make for a pretty fabulous show.

Overall I rate the episode a 9, with many of the reasons coming from students this week as we watched a Magical History Tour marathon in preparation for their final exam, where they will be designing their own episode.

  • Students are significantly more entertaining as hosts then I will ever be.
  • Evander’s ridiculous antics and facial expressions.
  • Transitions between events and slides.
  • Editing of the FDR Memorial tour guide- past episodes involved a lot of talking, but this one cuts them down into easy to digest segments.
  • Music variety and choices.  Especially “Over There” which never grows old.
  • The amazing dance moves at the end.  Although today they informed me I should never, ever do them again in public.  It’s okay if I choose to do it in the privacy of my own home.  Thanks guys…

-1 because I’m confident it can get better than this.  The challenge on their final is to create the best plan, and the winner will earn the trip and filming this summer.  The opportunity to top this one is exciting 🙂  Until then, enjoy Episode 5…


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