Summer of Fun

I’m not gonna lie, life has been pretty wonderful since moving back to the Triangle.  I love my new place, my summer job, my new roommate,the location, and all the great people I’ve missed seeing on a regular basis over the past year.  A couple ratings of the past month…


All I had to say to the burrito maker was ‘I’m vegan’, and he took it upon himself to get creative with the menu.  While many places will leave things out, he took it up on himself to find good stuff to replace it with so I wasn’t left with half the meal.  This is what he came up with:

Tasted every bit as good as it looked.  Went back two days later and got it again.  As if that weren’t enough, they also had this sign hanging up at their register:

Talk about amazing community.  There certainly is something special about this place, where local businesses look out for each other.


Perfectly trashy, wonderfully beachy, and incredible company made for a great roommate bonding experience.

-1: A sad, sad loss in a large, important tournament.  I can’t believe I’m only taking off a point for this.

-1: Beaches just aren’t my thing.  I get bored (and sweaty) after just laying around, and my fear of sharks prevents any serious water activity.  While this isn’t a huge deal for a weekend, I could never do a week at the beach like some do.  2 1/2 days was perfect 🙂


Oh how nice it is to be 3 hours away from the mountains again.  Clearly my first weekend back I headed out there.  Along with Jay, Noah, Bill, Rachel, Lisa, Richard and many other great people, we hiked, climbed, photographed and camped.

-1: Still didn’t make it to the top of ‘Edge of a Dream’ to get the photo I’ve been dying for for about 3 years now.  Next time…


Who knew something like this existed???  Not this girl.  But thanks to my new roommate, a Colorado native, I was introduced to this circus mixed with bike race mixed with Rose Parade.  Put on by the New Belgium Brewing Company (from Colorado, and best known for their Fat Tire beer), it’s a celebration of a bicycle lifestyle.  This year it came to Durham for the first time ever.  And the first stop of their summer tour. Folks come dressed in costume, with decorated bikes, and we all started by taking a 3 mile bike tour of the town.  With no real winner, it’s more about putting on a good show, and enjoying the atmosphere.

When you arrive back where you started, it’s time to party.  Next comes the circus portion, with plenty of beer, comedy performances, live music, and lots of beer.  Did I mention that already?  They even have an area filled with crazy bikes that you can take for a spin.

I’m pretty sure riding a two-seater with Noah was the most frightening part of that day.  And that includes when a dude on top of a tall unicycle hit balls at my face as part of his show.

Despite that, some could call this the best day ever.  Or at least a crucial part of the best weekend ever.

Until next time, just living for the tens 🙂


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